31 March 2013

Yeaah, I got this bad boy the day before yesterday and I'm loving it. I said goodbye to my blackberry. She was old (3 years :P).I still don't have a case but I'm going to order some in a few minutes. I have found an amazing website. The case from 2 euro's to 6 wich is super inexpensive! They sell     cases for almost every phone. So if you have a blackberry, Iphone 4 or 5 or any other kind of phone, they have the right case for it. I still try to figure out how bluetooth works on the    iphone 5. If you could help me, that would be awesome, because I have no idea. The site is called mini in the box. click here to go to there site.

Talk to you soon!


29 March 2013

It's already Spring (not that I've noticed any weather changes), wich means hello hay fever!, I love flowers but I don't get the love back. Trust me, you don't want to see me in Spring. My eyes get swollen wich looks creepy, but over the years it reduced, thank God.
Okay, enough with the creepyness. 
Today is a really cold day so I'm staying home and learn as if my life depended on it for my schooltests next week. 

I hope it's warm where you live. Enjoy your day!
Don't let anybody ruin it, because you can't relive that day. Own your days!

//Gardigan is van Vero Moda// Top is van Vero Moda// Sieraden is van Lucardi//

//Gardigan is from Vero Moda//Top is from Vero Moda// Jewelry is from Lucardi//


I'm loving my new earrings that I got from a local store near my house. With the right outfit and these kind of little jewelry your look will be perfect. I think that the flower earrings look really good with a feminine outfit, don't you think? I would pair it with a flowy light colored dress or with some jeans, a loose dusty blush colored top and a white blazer.


28 March 2013

It's already the and of March and the beginning of April but it still feels like Winter here in Holland. It's soo freaking cold! I bought a lot of cute Summeroutfits but they're all just hanging in my closet. Poor things, they want to be worn. Anyways, H&M is having a major big sale on almost everything. These cute shoes aren't on sale but they are really cheap. They cost 9,95. What do you think of them? I could pair these bad boys with a light ripped jeans and a loose coral top and Voila, I'm Summer ready. I only need a little corporation from the weather and I'm good to go.


I ordered the Iphone 5 (my lucky and favorite number!) in black. I'll get it tommorow and I'm looking for some cases. I really want a galaxy inspired case because I love it. For the last three years I had a blackberry, wich was okay in the beginning but after a couple months of having it, It wasn't functioning as it supose to be doing. 

If you know any iphone cases site that ships in and to Europe, let me know! I would appreciate it.
Have a lovely night guys

//I found these images on weheartit//


Yesterday my momma and I ate some delicious sushi. My mom can make the best sushi, but she didn't wanted to make it, so we bought some instead.
I love, love,looovvee sushi. It's the best. I love salmon, tuna, shrimp and everything else. I frankly love almost everything. The only thing I hate are mushrooms. 

I wish you´ll a wonderful day,



18 March 2013

HEEY, it's been like two weeks since I last made a blogpost. I was superbusy with school. I can't believe that this school year is coming to an end. Time flies people.

I was re-organazing my room and my closet. I did a lot of clothes away. My heart broke :p. I love clothes and I hate throwing it away. anyways.. I love reading magazines. Fashion magazines like Glamour, Vogue, Elle and Grazia are my favorite fashion magazines. I also love it when Mango and H&M are in my post. Best way to see what will come in stores.
I needed to make room in my closet so I threw most of them away. I like to keep some just for fashion and makeup inspiration.
My stomach is making a concert so I'm going to eat now. 

Have a lovely day guys!


01 March 2013

I like to get  my inspiration of people, jewelry, even makeup. Right now I'm working on some sketches and I am totally in to gold chained necklaces and spikes. Red lipstick is soo me. I think that Chanel and YSL has the best red lipsticks. These images are from weheartit.

Talk to you soon, XXX


I'm soo tired of these cold and tiring weather. I want Summer. I need Summer. I can't wait to wear loose tops and peep toe pumps. It's already Spring but I ain't seeing it. I think the sun is allergic to Holland :(.

Okay, I'm being melodramatic. It's been a long day.

//lace top from H&M//Earrings from Swarovski// Jeans from  ONLY// Tank top from Vero Moda// Heels from Steve Madden// Rings from Claire's//

Picture is from last Summer 2012.

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