29 March 2013

It's already Spring (not that I've noticed any weather changes), wich means hello hay fever!, I love flowers but I don't get the love back. Trust me, you don't want to see me in Spring. My eyes get swollen wich looks creepy, but over the years it reduced, thank God.
Okay, enough with the creepyness. 
Today is a really cold day so I'm staying home and learn as if my life depended on it for my schooltests next week. 

I hope it's warm where you live. Enjoy your day!
Don't let anybody ruin it, because you can't relive that day. Own your days!

//Gardigan is van Vero Moda// Top is van Vero Moda// Sieraden is van Lucardi//

//Gardigan is from Vero Moda//Top is from Vero Moda// Jewelry is from Lucardi//

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