30 April 2013

Happy Queensday/ Kingsday!!
Today was THE day that our crown prince became king. The king had spoken so beautifully towards his mother when he was having his speech. I decided to keep my outfit simple but I still wanted to wear something orange since that's the colour of my country. I'm going to enjoy the rest of the day with my family. 

Enjoy your day and have fun!

//Blazer is from a local store// blouse is from Vero Moda//Hat is from Shoeby//Bag is from Louis Vuiton 'Speedy 40'// jegging is from Pieces//boots are from H&M// Rings are real gold// watch is from Michael Kors//


29 April 2013

//picture 1 Garnier// picture 2 Garnier//

I have a weakness for lace. I just love it soo much. It screams femininity and it looks so cute and girly.
If you read my blog often, you know that I'm obsessed with colouring my hair (not that I've coloured my hair that much). I am trying to get the black out of my hair, eventhough I really like it. It just because I want to dye my hair ombré really soon. I've never used any bleach in my hair. If you want to colour your hair I really recommend you not to use any bleach. It's so extremly damaging for your hair. If you want to know what kind of brands I prefer, just ask me and I will try to answer you as soon as possible. 


Yeaahh, when things don't work out as I want to, I always make weird faces, for example the two pictures on the bottom. I was taking some pictures but people kept looking at me. That makes me shy and uhmm strange :p. I love making crazy faces and I'm not doing it on purpose. It just happens.

 I'm not done with making my new shorts, you will see the end result very soon..



Hey you, guess what! It's almost Summer!!!
I have some old jeans that I don't like anymore so I'm going to cut them into shorts. I love making my own clothes and bracelets. When I was 5 years old I already knew what I wanted to become. I wanted to be a fashion designer. What a dream.. Guess what I am today. A law-student -__-.  I'm half kidding. I still want to become a fashion designer and I love my study. I think having a diploma and a degree are  the most important things in live. It's your ticket to succes and an income for you and your family. Everything on it's time. I'm going to make some awesome shorts in a bit and make draw some sketches.  
You know what they say.. If you can dream it, you can do it! 
So I plan to fulfill my dreams by having my bachelor diploma (and study more) and become a fashion designer one day. We shall see. 

Enjoy your vacation people!

//Blazer is from Vila// Lace top is from H&M// Tanktop is from Vero Moda// Jeans is from ONLY// Pumps are from Steve Madden// Rings are from Lucardi


23 April 2013

This is what happens when my momma takes pictures for me, hahaha almost every picture was blurry except this one, so I had to do it with this picture. Oi what a long sentence, sorry! I'm going to colour my hair again, I want to cut it first and then dye it ombre. I'm not going to do it meself but the hairdresser will do it for me. I just love the sent and the way my hair feels after it's coloured. If you've ever coloured your hair, you'll understand. It feels like 'new hair' hahaha. it feels alive and 'healthy'. I know, I'm craycray.

Ciao Ciao!
//Blouse is from ONLY// Jegging is from Vero Moda// Watch is from Titan//boots are from H&M// Rings are from Lucardi// Hair colour black/noir 1 from Garnier// Hair is from meself :p (stupid joke)//


21 April 2013

And how was your sunday? Mine was oke, I didn't do anything special. I'm still sick :(.
UGHH I really don't want monday to come. I want to stay home and watch Pretty little liars all day. Unfortunatly I'm a school-addict and I refuse to get low grades.  

Sleep well Darlinks and stay at school!


//Shirt is from Vero Moda//Jeggings is from Vero Moda//Heels are from Steve Madden//Earrings are from a local store// Watch is from Fossil//


I have a lot of favorite designers, but if I had to narrow it down my top five would be:
1. Zuhair Murad
2. Ellie Saab
3. Alexander McQueen
4. Oscar de la Renta
5. Viktor & Rolf

These are my top five for ages. I also have a top ten, but since 5 is my lucky and favorite number, and since this is a favorite 'post' I'm keeping it at 5.
The reason I love Zuhair Murad is because he (and Ellie + Oscar) really understand a woman's body. And the way he designs these amazing dresses are all done in a respectful way towards women if you know what I mean. His  designs are always beautiful, sexy, powerful and feminine and all at the same time. He makes me a proud Arab. His dresses also reminds me of my roots.  It's in details wich he make so perfectly. I love being Arab ( I'm half)  and I can only dream of wearing one of his dresses one day. My favorite dress of the four would be the black one. It's so sexy yet powerful.

Wich dress is your favorite?



20 April 2013

Hey hey, I'm soo freaking sick ughh. Today was the last day that I had to walk to collect money for the 'Hartstichting'. Eventhough I'm really sick, I felt bad not to walk. I collected a lot of money so, I don't care about being sick. I'm glad I did it. Here's a sneak peak of today's outfit. If you know me already you must know my Überfavorite store to shop, and yes I shopped again. I shopped yesterday. I might do a haul on my  youtube channel. I thought that would be fun to do.


17 April 2013

the knuckle ring ring cost  €4,95 and the ring for two fingers cost  €14,95
The bracelet cost  €4,95 and the earrings cost 6,95 and are from H&M
This was gifted, a pen for your iPhone

I've been looking for rings that you wear on the top of your fingers for years ( just a couple weeks :p) and I found one! I love it! I was actually looking for an iPhone 5 case but they only had cases for the iPhone 4. So I just went for their jewelry. The store Etoile Bijoux is located in the city where I live. They just started their shop so I don't think that they have a website. Since I could buy a case they gave me a pen for my iphone. I was like thank you and I thought like what I'm I suppose to do with it. It was really sweet of them so yeah, It's a kind gesture. I also went to H&M and got some jewelry. I love their jewelry and accessories.

Enjoy your day!

BTW, I'm on bloglovin so if you want, you can follow me there!



15 April 2013

I told you that I would go to the beach sunday, but guess what. I didn't go. The sun started to come out around 4pm. Besides that I was collecting for a cause here in Holland ' De Hartstichting'. Some people can be very greedy. Fortunately not everybody is like that. Anyway's this was how I looked. I just did my hair in a fishtail braid. 

//Jacket is from Vero Moda// Tank Top is from Rut m.fl// Jegging is from Vero Moda//Shoes are from H&M// Earrings are from Lucardi//Watch is from Fossil// Necklaces are from H&M//Friendship bracelet's are made by me (tutorial soon!)// two bangles are from Vero Moda//


13 April 2013

HEHE the sun was shining at last. I can't wait for tomorrow, it's going to be 22C  tomorrow!!
I'm wearing a new tanktop from the brand Rut m.fl. I have no idea what kind of brand that is. I just bought this tanktop (also in yellow) at a local store near my house who also sell other brand like Supertrash, ONLY, Vero Moda etc.
My jeggings are from Vero Moda. Today was a superlazy day. I did almost nothing today. I went to the travelstore (I believe it's called like that, I don't know :P) today to book a vacation in Spain. I still haven't find the right place to go in Spain so I'm still waiting and looking :(. I really need to cut my hair, it's ridiculously long. 

//Tanktop from Rut m.fl//jegging from Vero Moda//Necklace from H&M//earrings from Lucardi//


I recently bought a couple amazing jewelry from H&M and I couldn't wait to try them on. I olso got a couple of new clothes. I know, I shop way to often, I can't help it.
The hairband is from Essence (a makeup brand) from the Floral Grunge collection and the necklaces and earrings are from H&M. 

What I'm wearing
//Vero Moda blouse and Essence hairband//Vero Moda blouse and H&M necklace wich comes in a set of three//Rut m.fl. tanktop and H&M necklace//Only blouse and H&M earrings//

Makeup//Bourjois flower perfection foundation// Sephora eyeshadow duo in fresh brown n.5// Yves Rocher Mauve Poudre lipstick// Chanel red lipstick in the last picture// Rimmel false lash effect mascara combined with Yves Rocher sexy pulp mascara//

Hair colour
//Noir 1 from Garnier//


12 April 2013

The necklaces are sold as a set and cost €12,95.

the necklace cost €4.95 and the earrings cost €4.95 as well

I'm SOO ready for spring! It's going to be 20  degrees (Celcius) sunday. Finally! I'm already searching for my bikini in my closet because I want to go the beach on sunday. I went to the city today and I love my jewelry from H&M. They still sell al of these. My mission was accomplished. I can't wait to wear them all.
I have a little (big!) addiction for nailpolish. I normally don't wear pink nailpolish, but I recently really like it.


11 April 2013

Look how adorable this collection is from Essence! I LOVE the lipgloss colours. I know that the green one is a little bit odd, but I like crazy things like that. This was al that was left in the store of the collection so I got everything that was left. They had exactly everything twice wich was perfect because I also got the same of each for my sister. I bought it yesterday when I was doing some errands. I can't wait to experiment and make a tutorial for you with these products. The collecton reminds me of Spring and don't you just love the name, Floral Grunge. I really really love the hairband. It's soo me!


10 April 2013

It's weird he, when having a different eye-colour it totally can change your appearance. I really love green eyes, but God gave me brown wich is more than okay with me. What I'm trying to say is to change your point of view whenever your in a situation that you just can't 'see' what someone is saying or trying to say and when you will go in an argument with that person.
I really hate fighting (not literally!) with someone (wich doesn't happen a lot, thank God). Eventhough I think I'm right or that person is beiing really rude, I still try to figure out why that person is acting that way. Maybe that person only act like that because he/she just want to be heard and just needs a shoulder. Always try to look in someone elses perspective before you make a judgement about someone.

I know that this is nothing fashion or beauty related but I just wanted to share something with you. I am curious how you handle fights with someone and if you judge someone without knowing them at all. I try to accept everybody just the way the are. U have no idea how much fun someone is who's style, religion, music interest is way different than yours.

I would love to hear from you!

Good night


What do you think of my new buy's from Vero Moda. I'm addicted to that shop. I love there clothes soo much! Before I continue, I would like to upologize for the weird and strange outcome of the photo's. I don't know what's wrong with my camera because the pictures came out so dark and not focused. Anyway's, I love my new two blouses. They are so elegant and sophisticated. I would pair this bouse (wich I bought in mint as in rose, I had to have them both) with a white or light printed jeans and a cute little bag.

I already had my Swarovski earrings on, but I really like them with this type of blouse. The blouses cost €26,95 each. I don't know if you wanted to know my size, but my size at Vero Moda is 34.

I usually make pictures of the clothing or accessories that I bought without actually showing you how it looks when you actually wear it.Let me know if you like these kind of pictures and think they are better, or if I just need to make pictures without trying them on for you.
Let me know!
Have a nice and lovely evening! 


08 April 2013

Last July, we celabrated my younger brother's birthday at the beach. I miss the beach and the warm weather. Eventhoug today was a bad day, the sun did shine, wich made it 0,000000000001% better :).
I'm so done with school and learning. I just want to have time for my sketches, watch FashionTV all day, wear cute dresses and  enjoy Summer. Just a few more months and hello vacation! I'm still busy with where I want to go. I'm going to France for sure, but I really also want to go to Spain. I NEED to go to Spain!

Okay, to make this bad day a little bit better, I'm going to make some tea now. Tea fixes everthing! trust me.



Heey, ik heb een paar uurtjes geleden een tentamen gehad en ik heb er echt helemaal geen hoogte van. Het ging naar mijn gevoel wel oke denk ik, maar ik baal als een stekker. Ik wil m'n cijfer nu weten :p.
Voor degene die zich afvragen wat ik studeer, ik studeer Rechten. Het's best een leuke opleiding, maar wel druk!
Ik hoop zo dat ik het heb gehaald!
Hoe gaan jullie om met deze spanning? admfenoiwnffj@#%$!!! 

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