23 April 2013

This is what happens when my momma takes pictures for me, hahaha almost every picture was blurry except this one, so I had to do it with this picture. Oi what a long sentence, sorry! I'm going to colour my hair again, I want to cut it first and then dye it ombre. I'm not going to do it meself but the hairdresser will do it for me. I just love the sent and the way my hair feels after it's coloured. If you've ever coloured your hair, you'll understand. It feels like 'new hair' hahaha. it feels alive and 'healthy'. I know, I'm craycray.

Ciao Ciao!
//Blouse is from ONLY// Jegging is from Vero Moda// Watch is from Titan//boots are from H&M// Rings are from Lucardi// Hair colour black/noir 1 from Garnier// Hair is from meself :p (stupid joke)//

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