08 April 2013

Last July, we celabrated my younger brother's birthday at the beach. I miss the beach and the warm weather. Eventhoug today was a bad day, the sun did shine, wich made it 0,000000000001% better :).
I'm so done with school and learning. I just want to have time for my sketches, watch FashionTV all day, wear cute dresses and  enjoy Summer. Just a few more months and hello vacation! I'm still busy with where I want to go. I'm going to France for sure, but I really also want to go to Spain. I NEED to go to Spain!

Okay, to make this bad day a little bit better, I'm going to make some tea now. Tea fixes everthing! trust me.



  1. Love your blog please check my blog and follow me back via bloglovin i am your new follower on bloglovin :*

  2. Okay, your summer sounds way too awesome. I'm definitely not going anywhere cool!


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