17 April 2013

the knuckle ring ring cost  €4,95 and the ring for two fingers cost  €14,95
The bracelet cost  €4,95 and the earrings cost 6,95 and are from H&M
This was gifted, a pen for your iPhone

I've been looking for rings that you wear on the top of your fingers for years ( just a couple weeks :p) and I found one! I love it! I was actually looking for an iPhone 5 case but they only had cases for the iPhone 4. So I just went for their jewelry. The store Etoile Bijoux is located in the city where I live. They just started their shop so I don't think that they have a website. Since I could buy a case they gave me a pen for my iphone. I was like thank you and I thought like what I'm I suppose to do with it. It was really sweet of them so yeah, It's a kind gesture. I also went to H&M and got some jewelry. I love their jewelry and accessories.

Enjoy your day!

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