15 May 2013

Do you remember when I bought two rings from Etoile Bijoux. I can't stop wearing them. I bought a new knuckle ring yesterday. It's a little bow and it looks so girly and delicate. I love accessories and Etoile Bijoux hase some amazing pieces.  On my right hand I'm wearing all the rings that I bought at Etoile Bijoux and on my left hand I'm wearing some old yet beautiful real gold rings. I have these rings for 10 years now and they still fit! I have really thin fingers so I'm glad that I can wear them after a decade. The ring with the blue stone is my favorite. 

I have painted my nails pink and I really like the contrast with the gold rings. The nailpolish that I have on my nails is called 106 free hugs from Essence.


Nailpolish: Essence ' 106 free hugs'
Knuckle ring and two finger ring: Etoile Bijoux
Real gold rings: Jewelry store
Shorts: ONLY


  1. Lovely rings!

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  2. very cute rings~ and the nail! i looooove the color of your nail polish!!
    fabulous! good job!!
    could we follow each other?

    please leave a message if u followed my blog, of course i will do the same!! lol


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