04 June 2013

OMG I haven't blogged for like a decade! I wasn't feeling well and above that I am super busy with school. I'm drinking tons and tons of water because I have a fotoshoot next week. I'm super excited about that. When I was twelve I wanted to become a model after seeing a commercial of Adriana Lima for Maybelline ahaha. She, Tyra Banks, Gisele Bünchen and Natasha Poly are my favorite Supermodels. When I was younger I used to walk as if I was on the runway on the title song of ANTM. Thinking back of it, It makes me laugh. I remember watching ANTM with my sister and my younger brother. He always watched it with us and he was really in to it. Eventhough he's a soccerplayer and really boyish, he has such a cute femininity side because he grew up with girls. He's almost 18! 
I have watched every next top model there is. America's Hollands, Benelux,  Brittains and Australia's to say a few.

Who's your favorite model?

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