28 July 2013

A while ago a blogger from the other side of the world wrote about my blog. I was so honoured and I couldn't believe that my blog was read and noticed in a country that I wanted to visit ever since I was a little girl. Mexico, the country with amazing food. 
Dhara Lézin is a blogger who talks about fashion, beauty and styles of fashionbloggers from all over the world. She writes about the style of a fashionblogger from almost every country and since I'm from The Netherlands, she choose me. I couldn't describe what I was feeling when I read the article. It was so sweet.  I really liked the idea of chosing one fashionblogger of each country. I love culture and I think that a person only can grow if he    /she learns the culture of another. What do you think? 

I love that I live in two different cultures. The Dutch one and the Arabic/African one. The best part of living in these two worlds is that I'm never inspirationless when it comes to drawing sketches, makeup and styling outfits.
Click here to read the full article and to check out her blog!

BTW, my name is not Chirique haha. That's the name of my blog.


22 July 2013

It's booked! In a few weeks I'm going to relax and enjoy meself. I'm going to Spain and France. I love Spain so much! I know that I've blogged not that much this month so I try to do my best to blog when I'm on vacation. I'm not sure though. I will make tons of pictures! that's for sure ahah!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor SPANISH FLAG


14 July 2013

Hi Dolls, I'm finally done with school and I got my Propedeuse!  I'm so happy!
All I can say is THANK YOU GOD & AMEN!
To celebrate it a little I went shopping. I can't live without shopping. I just love the feeling of buying new shoes, jewelry, clothes and all that jazz. ahahah. I can control meself, I'm not an addict.. I think?
I wish you all a wonderful sunday!
Enjoy the rest of the day.


Blouse: Vero Moda
Necklace: H&M
Headpiece: Accessorize
Earrings: New Yorker


12 July 2013

It's Summer! That means long light hair and getting a tan. Okay that last one is a little impossible for me. Eventhough I'm Arab (half) my complexion is so light. I don't know why. I think the sun doesn't love me or it is allergic to me?Anyways.. You already knew that I love coloring my hair. I have colored my hair a couple of times. Not that much so my hair is not damaged If you thought that. BTW.. don't mind the makeupless face. I'm a makeupaddict, but I have day's that I just go out naked. (I mean that I'm not wearing any makeup! ahaha) I really want to go lighter for the Summertime but I'm not quite sure. I was blonde last year. Shall I go blonde again.. this year??

What do you think!?

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