17 September 2013

POP I love to experiment with makeup, fashion and ofcourse hair. I don't wear hairextentions ( I'm pure natural haha), but I do like to experiment
with trying out different haircolours ( I've been blonde, black, redishbrown and a brunette). Since I was fourteen I really wanted to colour the ends of my hair blue. I just didn't wanted to bleach my hair. I'm not a fan of damaged hair, me no gusta. Okay let's get serious, I'm just goofing around. I'm so freaking sick, you have no idea :(.
When my little brother got his haircut I saw some fun bright hairmakeup. It doesn't damage your hair and it's really fun. I bought two colours from the hairdresser and I thought that I could put it in my hair when I went on vacation to Spain, France and Monaco. 

While I was in Spain I did some errands and guess what. I found more hairmakeup and it was so freaking cheap! I bought them in four colours.
I will post an article very soon to show you how you put it in your hair and how to style it with clothes and accesorries ofcourse!

// the two colours above (pink and blue) where bought at the hairdresser for €13,95// the other four colour where bought in Spain for €1,99//

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