13 October 2013

WHAT I WEAR A while ago I got an e-mail from WhatIWear to become a member of their site. It's not that wellknown (yet) as chicisimo or lookbook but let me tell you that it is an amazing site! It is really similar to chicisimo and lookbook.
I get so much inspiration from so many fashionforward people!
So what are you waiting for! Become a member of WIW!

Besides that it is such an addicted site (if you're a fashionmaniac as I am), they have really fun prizes to win as well. Every week there will be one lucky winner to win a $200 asos voucher! That means shopping!!

If you would like to follow me on WIW then click here.

// PS: They don't know that I'm making this blogpost. I am completey honest with my chica's and If I'm loving something, I want to share that with you! So crazy, I found meself (again :p) on there FB page //


10 October 2013

STREET STYLE This is how I looked yesterday. I had school so I went for a preppy yet chic look. I was wearing my new boots from Zara. They walk very good. My feet wasn't hurting. The weather was so good yesterday. You can tell that we are getting into Autumn but I don't mind it at all. Crazy huh. A couple weeks ago I was so sad that Summer left me (and you) so quickly, but now I'm okay with it. The weather can stay like this the entire season, it has my permission. I don't like cold hahah.

With love,


Jacket: Vero Moda 
Sweater: H&M
Blouse: ONLY
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Louis Vuitton monogram Speedy 40 
Watch: Fossil
Earrings: Swarovski
Sunglasses: Rayban Wayfarer
Makeup: Maybelline, MAC, Sephora, Catrice
Lipstick:Yves Rocher 'Rose Damas'
Parfum: Paco Rabanne 'Lady Million'


ALL PREPPED UP Goodmorning sunshines, here's a little peak of yesterday's look. I love my new denim jacket I bought at Vero Moda. It's the perfect denim jacket for this time of the year. Don't you just love the changes. I'm talking about the colors of fall. It's so beautifull. Eventhough I'm a Winterchild (born on Januari 5 1993, okay intresting?), I really love Summer. Who doesn't love going to the beach and wear fun shorts and dresses. But like I've always say, every season has her own beauty. To me Autumn stands for beauty, Winter is just so magical, Spring stands for freshness and Summer means party all night long and learning new people.

I wish you a good day,

God bless you all and love the live that's given to you! 



09 October 2013

Ik heb vanochtend deze koffer aangeschaft. Niet voor vakantie, maar voor school. Ik ben het zat om mijn wettenbundels, boeken en mijn laptop als een pakezel rond te sjouwen in de stad. Dit is zoveel handiger. Voor al mijn dames die rechten studeren of willen studeren, schaf een koffer aan! Toen ik andere studenten met een koffer zag rondlopen vond ik het een beetje raar, maar ze hebben echt gelijk. Het is veel beter voor mijn rug en mijn schouders. 

Het is trouwens gewoon een kleine kledingkoffer, dus ik ga het wel gebruiken als ik een weekendje weg ga.

Fijne avond!



READY FOR AUTUMN I bought these babies from Zara for this time of the month. It's not that cold but, you can tell that the weather is changing, unfortunatly :(.
I love the colors of Autumn, don't you? These boots are so versatile. You can wear them with some cute high weasted destroyed denim shorts, paired with a tartan blouse. Or you can just wear is with jeans and a printed tee. 


07 October 2013

//Shirt from Vero Moda//
Hey blog, hoe is jouw dag? Ik ben vandaag vrij van school dus ik zit hier thuis te niksen. Mijn vriendinnen hebben allemaal school :(. Het is zoo saai en stil hier. Ik ben zonet naar de Vero Moda geweest met mijn mamskie en we hebben vis gegeten. Zij nam haring (zoals altijd) en ik nam kibbeling. Kan je geloven dat ik helemaal niks heb gekocht! Ik voel me zo leeg ahaha, Ik wil shoppen! Ik heb gewoon het gevoel dat ik niks wil doen. Ben echt een luilak. In ieder geval, ik wilde vandaag wat foto's maken van mijn outfit, maar daar heb ik een derde hand voor nodig. Ik vraag morgen mijn zus of ze foto's wilt maken.

Geniet van jullie fantastische leven, ik ga nu door met doen wat ik deed. Niks doen :/

Hi blog, how is your day? I don't have school today so I'm just sitting at home doing nothing. It's so boorriiing and quiet. I went to Vero Moda with my momma and then we went and eat some fish. I didn't bought anything, can you believe that! I feel so empty ahaha, I want to shop! I just don't feel like doing anything. Anyways, I wanted to take some outfit pictures but I need a third hand. I'm going to ask my sister tomorrow to take some pics.

Enjoy your awesome life, I'm going to continue with doing nothing :/
Saint-Tropez, France


05 October 2013

CIRCUS The day before I went back home to Holland, I went to the circus. My entire family, including meself, are huge animallovers. We had an amazing time at the Circus and it was truly spectaculair.
It was so hot in the Cote D'Azur that I only wore a little bit of mascara ( Maybelline 'The Rocket', my new love!). No foundation, no nothing. I felt naked ahaha. I paired my bare face with an awesome jumpsuit from H&M. I bought it a couple years ago. And ofcourse, this jewelryjunkie doesn't leave the house without  her big statement necklace, earrings and Mickey (Michael Kors watch but I call it Mickey). We're so close, we give eachother nicknames :p). 

Jumpsuit: H&M
Bag: Zara
Watch: Michael Kors
Earrings: New Look
Necklace: Jack&Jean
Parfum: Paco Rabanne 'Lady million'
Mascara: Maybelline 'The Rocket'


FASHION TALKS I didn't knew that I was listed in the blogger section of Fashiolista. I already talked about fashiolista in the past and I am really addicted to that site. It's a fashion explosion. I love what I come across every day (every hour of the day). I really get a lot of inspiration from that site and links to online-stores where you can buy a certain clothing piece, or maybe a whole outfit. 
If you would like to follow me, you're more than welcome haha! Come on, Be a rebel and just do it. You can search for my blog's name CHIRIQUE in the search seaction, or other bloggers/Netherlands since I'm a Dutchess.

BTW, I speak Dutch (obviously) and English, but also German ( Hallo, wie geht's! :p), so you can leave a comment in German or Dutch if you prefer.I'm okay with everything.

Enjoy your saturday Darlinks!



04 October 2013

 Москва It's getting colder everyday so I'm looking for a new wintercoat. I like the darkblue coat from Moscow more than the Parka. I like that the parka has a lammy collar. I'm still not sure wich one I'm going to get. Maybe I choose another model. I keep my options open. What kind of coat do you suggest? I need a big, warm coat, since the winters here in Holland are freezingly cold. It's like i'm in Siberia ( okay, I'm exaggerating)

Speak to you soon!



03 October 2013

Cleaning Queen I'm for sure a makeupgirl, I just love the feeling to put my makeup on and feel as if i'm a moviestar.
Don't get me wrong, I go outside with a bare face, but I just love the hole mikmak of makeup. I love art and I look at a face as if it is a blanc canves. Trough makeup (and fashion) you can be who ever you want te be. If I want to have an Arab-eye (and I seriously go to school like that, I don't mind what people think of me, the only important thing is what I think of myself and how I feel) one day, I go for that look and If I want to go for a natural look, why not.

However with makeup comes cleaning. It is REALLY important to clean your brushes! Your skin is very delicate and you need to take care of it. So my motto is, even if i'm zombie-tired, I will go and clean my face. Besides cleaning your face it is really important to clean your brushes ( why am I repeating myself, I'm tired, forgive me ahah). If your a foundation + concealer lover you know that there tons and tons of bacterie living in your brushes. 

- Foundation brushes needs to be cleaned daily (after using it)
-Sponges Wash them daily!
- Eyeschadow brushes needs to be cleaned at least ones a week ( if you use dark shadows, I would recommend to wash it when your done with applying your makeup. That way you can use that brush for your lighter colors).
- Eyeliner pencil Daily wash.

When you're done with washing your beloved brushes, you need to leave them in a diagonal position. That way the water is not going inside the metal (thingy) and the glue that keeps the hair together isn't getting wet. That way you can use your brushes longer ( I've brushes since I was seventeen! and they still work perfectly). 

I clean my brushes with babyshampoo and I recently got this makeup brush cleanser from a local Duth drugstore. I've used it today and I really like it. I use it after I've showered my brushes.

Have a lovely night sweeties.

I hope this helped you out a little.

With love,



01 October 2013

TIME FLIES Where already in october! I honostly can´t believe it. I love al seasons (especially Summer) and I can't wait to wear fall clothing. I find that season so beautiful and magical. Only Autumn has that. So it's time for some good horror movies and popcorn ( and all the fall collection of designers such as Versaci, Missoni, Viktor & Rolf). 

Happy October Ladies! (and gent's?)

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