03 October 2013

Cleaning Queen I'm for sure a makeupgirl, I just love the feeling to put my makeup on and feel as if i'm a moviestar.
Don't get me wrong, I go outside with a bare face, but I just love the hole mikmak of makeup. I love art and I look at a face as if it is a blanc canves. Trough makeup (and fashion) you can be who ever you want te be. If I want to have an Arab-eye (and I seriously go to school like that, I don't mind what people think of me, the only important thing is what I think of myself and how I feel) one day, I go for that look and If I want to go for a natural look, why not.

However with makeup comes cleaning. It is REALLY important to clean your brushes! Your skin is very delicate and you need to take care of it. So my motto is, even if i'm zombie-tired, I will go and clean my face. Besides cleaning your face it is really important to clean your brushes ( why am I repeating myself, I'm tired, forgive me ahah). If your a foundation + concealer lover you know that there tons and tons of bacterie living in your brushes. 

- Foundation brushes needs to be cleaned daily (after using it)
-Sponges Wash them daily!
- Eyeschadow brushes needs to be cleaned at least ones a week ( if you use dark shadows, I would recommend to wash it when your done with applying your makeup. That way you can use that brush for your lighter colors).
- Eyeliner pencil Daily wash.

When you're done with washing your beloved brushes, you need to leave them in a diagonal position. That way the water is not going inside the metal (thingy) and the glue that keeps the hair together isn't getting wet. That way you can use your brushes longer ( I've brushes since I was seventeen! and they still work perfectly). 

I clean my brushes with babyshampoo and I recently got this makeup brush cleanser from a local Duth drugstore. I've used it today and I really like it. I use it after I've showered my brushes.

Have a lovely night sweeties.

I hope this helped you out a little.

With love,


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