05 October 2013

FASHION TALKS I didn't knew that I was listed in the blogger section of Fashiolista. I already talked about fashiolista in the past and I am really addicted to that site. It's a fashion explosion. I love what I come across every day (every hour of the day). I really get a lot of inspiration from that site and links to online-stores where you can buy a certain clothing piece, or maybe a whole outfit. 
If you would like to follow me, you're more than welcome haha! Come on, Be a rebel and just do it. You can search for my blog's name CHIRIQUE in the search seaction, or other bloggers/Netherlands since I'm a Dutchess.

BTW, I speak Dutch (obviously) and English, but also German ( Hallo, wie geht's! :p), so you can leave a comment in German or Dutch if you prefer.I'm okay with everything.

Enjoy your saturday Darlinks!


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