08 November 2013

Hi sweeties,

I missed you! I haven´t blogged for decades. I was so busy with school. I didn´t knew that University would eat all my time. You know how I feel about school. I think education is extremely important, especially when I think of  how many woman have fought and still fight for it.
That doesn't mean that I have forgotten about my beloved CHIRIQUE. I will do my best to devide my time to my blog and school. I just need to plan it right. And besides, I really need someone to take my pictures since my previous ones are also very busy :(

Anyway's I wanted to share this beautiful song with you ( I'm Mediterranean, we share!). I have been playing this song on repeat this week. My lil brother is turning eight this weekend so I'm really excited! 
 I'm going to watch a movie now so enjoy your evening or morning, where ever you live and enjoy your weekend! I can't believe it's friday already, time flies..



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