05 December 2013

I loved these outfits past Summer.

GONE, AS IF YOU WEREN'T EVEN HERE WOW, Where did the time go! we are already in December and I will be 21 in exacly a month! Today we celebrated Sinterklaas and my baby brother had to be Sinterklaas ofcourse ( He was Sinterklaas like a boss!, to cute!)
For those who don't know what Sinterklaas is, it is a Dutch holiday ( kinda looks like Santa). Sinterklaas gives gifts to children all over Holland and the Dutch Islands in the Caribbean (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao). Instead of elfs, Sinterklaas has Pieten. okay I don't want to confuse you, so maybe google can help me you out haha.

It takes years to finally reach Summer and it's gone before you know it, but this time I don't mind it. I love the warm feeling you get in December/January. So I will fully enjoy this month and I hope you will as well.

Have a wonderful Sinterklaas ( for my Dutch and Caribbean readers. Fijne Sinterklaas!)

With love,


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