25 November 2013

SHINE BRIGHT I recently bought this new shirt and I love it. It sparkles beautifully and it looks like I have stars all over me.
The shirt is from the brand Selected femme and I believe that it's still in stores. You can also buy it online.
I love silver but I'm a goldy girl when It comes to preference for jewelry. Gold is in my opinion warmer and it stands out more.
BTW, I cut my hair!
It's still long but you can tell the difference. It used to touch my behind :p. It looks healthier now.

Enjoy your day!


Shirt: Selected femme
Shorts: Vero Moda
Sunglasses: Rayban 'Wayfarer'
Watch: Michael Kors
Earrings: New Look
Shoes: Zara Spring/Summer 2013
Lipstick: Essence 'Wear Berries 09'


24 November 2013

WHAT'S YOUR STYLE? To be quite honest, I don't have a particullar style. I like to get inspired by nature and/or people. The 60's, 70's 80's and 90's are also very inspiring to me. I get a LOT of makeup and fashion inspirations from those times. Don't be afraid to experiment. You have your entire life to be old, but only a few years to be 'young'. So why not enjoy them? Eventhough I study law at the University, that doesn't mean I stop dressing the way I want to and go with the croud and only wear Tommy Hilfiger (wich is absolutely fine). I just dress the way my mood is. Sometimes I like to go preppy. Othertimes I go edgy chic, or boho-chic. Isn't that what fashion is all about?That's why I love and adore fashion. It gives you the freedom to become who ever you want to be. Fashion is a dream and I'm a dreamer. I really want to know what your preference style is and who your fashion icoons are!

With love,


09 November 2013

Seventeen years old me :)

TOMORROW I can't wait until tomorrow! No, I'm not going to the EMA's sadly, but it's my little brother's birthday tomorrow! He's turning eight. I seriously can't believe it. Time flies so quickly. I can't believe that I'm already twenty years old, almost 21!
I still feel the same when I was 14, 16, 18 etc. ahaha. 
I feel like I haven't changed?
I don't know, I'm rambling. 

We are going to celebrate it with the family and go to a park and go out to diner. I'm bringing my camera so I'm going to take outfit pics tommorow, yeey! 

Have a great day sweeties!

// This picture was made when I was seventeen, yup that's 3 years ago. Do I look different?//


08 November 2013

Hi sweeties,

I missed you! I haven´t blogged for decades. I was so busy with school. I didn´t knew that University would eat all my time. You know how I feel about school. I think education is extremely important, especially when I think of  how many woman have fought and still fight for it.
That doesn't mean that I have forgotten about my beloved CHIRIQUE. I will do my best to devide my time to my blog and school. I just need to plan it right. And besides, I really need someone to take my pictures since my previous ones are also very busy :(

Anyway's I wanted to share this beautiful song with you ( I'm Mediterranean, we share!). I have been playing this song on repeat this week. My lil brother is turning eight this weekend so I'm really excited! 
 I'm going to watch a movie now so enjoy your evening or morning, where ever you live and enjoy your weekend! I can't believe it's friday already, time flies..



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