05 January 2014

B-DAYHappy 2014 everybody!
December went very fast but I've enjoyed every moment of it. Today is my birthday, but I don't have time to celebrate it big. I've planned to celebrate it next week. I'm 21! I can't believe it! This new year has been pretty good for me. I hope it will stay this good the entire year. I've got my drivers license on the second of Januari! I had lessons for two months and I passed the exam in one time. I was soo freaking happy.

I did some shopping friday and I wanted to show you some of them. I also bought some clothes, but I will show you them next week since I''m not done with shopping ( will I ever be? I don't think so..).

Happy 5th of Januari. I'm going to have breakfast now and search for my gifts. My baby brother made a gift for me and I have to search for it hahah. 



I'm going to colour my hair lighter again. I'm a little tired of having dark hair. Remember when I colored my hair black. Well it's dark brown now and I want to have light brown hair. So it will take some time to achieve that, but you'll know that I love that process. I will take before and after pictures! So you can see the difference, and I'm going to cut a bit of. My hair is reaching my behind haha.
I bought two backup's. My true love, the Bourjois flower perfection foundation and the Maybelline anti-age concealer. I'm totally new with the Max factor foundation but I will try it on.  I can't wait to try my new mascara from loreal. I loved loved loved Maybelinnes 'The Rocket mascara' and I will get a new one very soon.

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