03 March 2014

THE COAT I did an order on Supertrash for my new wintercoat ( it's called Ozzy coat and I'm size 36) and I have for two weeks now. I know that we're entering Spring, but it has been really cold these past weeks (months) here and this is the perfect coat to keep me warm. To be frank with you, real fur creeps the S** out of me. I think it's so scary and sad and mean all at the same time, so I avoid wearing real fur and just go for faux. There's nothing wrong with some faux fur. I feel like a Russian Mobster when I wear this coat.

I can't believe that I skipped Februari. It just hit me. I really missed it though. I'm planning on buying a new camera but I can't decide and I also don't know which brand is better and which model. Should I buy a Canon camera or a Nikon?




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