The Netherlands


27 April 2014

FIRST KINGSDAY Yesterday I went out and celebrated Kingsday with my family. I still have to get used to the fact that we won't be celebrating Queensday. Yesterday was a lot of fun. We went out to the market and bought stuff we didn't really needed. BTW: This is my temporarily new haircolor! This is so not what I wanted, but I will get there. I don't want to overdamage my hair, so I will wait with coloring for a little while. In the meantime, I have to rock this orange hair :'(.

The Look
Cardigan: Vero Moda
Shirt: Vero Moda
Jeans: H&M
Sandals: Zara
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Watch: Michael Kors
Lipstick: Loreal 'Fashionista Pink' & Loreal 'Julianne's nude'


20 April 2014

PINK I love buying new beautyproducts and I kinda have a weakness for nailpolishes and lipsticks. When I got home I noticed that I've bought quit some pinktoned polishes, and I'm really not a pink nailpolish kinda girl. But I really been liking it and it suits my complexion. Hema, a Dutch store, always has the best nailpolishes when it comes to seasons. Since it's spring they have beautiful pastelcolored shades. 

I was looking quit some time for the perfect peach nailpolish and I've found it! It's Loreal's nailpolish called ' Sex on the peach'. Speaking of this polish, I'm going to apply it after posting this. It is staring at my and well, I can't resist it :p

Speak to you soon!

With love,



GOLD GLITTER & GREEN I'm loving my new cases for my phone. The only downside is that it really doesn't pretect my phone. So when I dropped my phone (:'( ) it was a little damaged on the front and I really can't stand it. My favorite of the three is definetly the glittercase. It's so sparkly and out there. Plus I can easely find my phone in my bag now haha. I ordered my cases online from

The Netherlands


19 April 2014

GONE FOR THE WINTER, BACK WITH SPRING, So I guess you've wondered where I was this past weeks. There are no excuses, but to be frank, I was sick continuously, had soo much to do at the University and I'm just done with my examens. With that said, I seriously try my hardest to at least post twice at Chirique. I have soo much to tell you and show you. As I'm writing this article, I've mad a decision to dye my hair light brown/dark blonde! I love love love experimenting. I have had a variation of haircolors in the past, being a blonde (3 years ago), a blackette?, mahagony and ofcourse a brunette. I think life is all about experimenting don't you think. Even if you experiment with fashion or lipsticks, try at least something out in your life that is totally out of your comfort zone. 

If you'll regret it, than so be it. At least you've tried it. You might love it.

So I'm going to push myself in dyeing my hair and we shall see.

As for this look, Spring is FINALLY here and I'm so loving it, but the wind is still chilly. To keep myself warm I'm wearing my recently bought sweater from Vero Moda (I need to shop elsewhere, it sounds like my entire closet is from Vero Moda), my beloved jeans from MANGO and paired it with some nude heels. When you're wearing these of color scheme, a bold statement necklace and a rosegold watch.

If you're curious about my hair, I used a new shampoo and conditioner and I just blow-dried it. BTW, I still don't know which camerabrand I should go with, Nikon or Canon? I would appreciate your help!

With love,


Knitted sweater: Vero Moda
Jeans: Mango
Bag: Shoeby
Watch: Fossil
Necklace: Jack&Jean
Earrings: Lucardi
Lipsticks: Max Factor 'Pink Brandy' & Loreal 'Fashionista Pink'

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