02 June 2014

Goodmorning loves, the worst thing ever happend to me. I lost the kabel to charge my camera and every store I went to doesn't sell it. I was so bummed about it. I couldn't take any pictures these last two weeks. I have looked everywhere, but I just can't find it. As you might know, I was looking for a good DSLR camera to shoot with. I really did my research. I didn't want it to be overexpensive, it must have a flip out LCD-screen so I can see what I'm doing when I'm filming a beautytutorial etc. I was debating between a NIKON and a Canon for a long time. I didn't knew wich brand would suite me. I stopped thinking about the brand and mainly focus on what I wanted from the camera and for what purpose I would use it. Obviously for the blog, but also to make vacation photo's and of nature. So that's why I choose the Canon 700D. It's a really really good camera and I totally recommend it if you are new to DSLR ( like me) or if you are advanced.

This weekend I went to Movieparks Germany with my family. My little brother loved it all. The shows, taking pictures with all of the Nickelodeon characters haha. He really enjoyed it. I still had to get used to my new camera. I was like huuh, wait a minute, pose againn.

With Love,


The Look
Jacket: Jack&Jean
Blouse: ONLY
Shirt: Vero Moda
Jegging: Vero Moda
Sneakers: Dolce & Gabana
Bag: from Sweden
Scarf: Vero Moda (Pieces)
Nailpolish: NYC '' Spring Tulip 300''
Lipstick: Loreal ''333''

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