09 August 2014

Don't you just love to buy yourself some cute new pyama's and bra's? I do! In The Netherlands we have a couple of lingeriestores, but my heart only goes out to one and that is Hunkemoller. I have purchased lingerie for years. They are super comfortable and as you can see beautiful. Besides having cute girly bra's, I am all about comfortable sleepwear. I have never experienced buying such soft pyama pants anywhere else besides Hunkemoller. As I told you in a previous post that we (unfortunatly) don't have Victoria's Secret, so I don't know how comfy they are. They look great though and I can't wait to shop there.

The Netherlands


08 August 2014

It took me a whole day to figure out how Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5 workes. I don't fully manage it though but I love to learn how to edit my images the best as possible. I hate to say it, but I think that the warm Summer day's has left The Netherlands. It has been raining all day. We took these pictures when it stopped raining for a little while. I love wearing denim on denim and add a nice bag to give the look a different twist. Btw, I totally forgot to make pictures of my shopping haul of Hunkemoller yesterday. I'm going to shoot them tomorrow, so check it out!

Look of the day
Blouse: ICHI
Jeans: Vero Moda
Watch: Galliano
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Shoes: Steve Madden


05 August 2014

Another day at the beach Can you tell that I'm pretty red? It's because my skin is blushing :p. The weather is really good here in The Netherlands. I have been driving around and did some shopping at my altime favorite store, Hunkemoller. We don't have a Victoria's Secret, so my VS is Hunkemoller. I bought a lot of cute stuff. More pictures later! When I go to the beach or do a little arends I don't wear makeup. I just let my skin breath and heal. I must admit that I do feel strange and weird without my beloved mascara and blush, but as you can tell by the images, my face is red and thank God for sunglasses haha. Don't you feel naked or weird without mascara? I do. 
This time at the beach I went for a black and white look with gold detail. I'm in love with my new gold watch from Galliano. When I was at highschool I loved coming home to watch fashionTV and feel so good to see the Dior show's (he was the creative director of Dior) The shows where truly magical and merorable. 

I'm going to get breakfast now and then do some yoga.BTW, should I cut my hair supershort? Like shoulder lenght? I recently cut my hair but it's already longer. It has it's own life.

Don't forget to check out Chirique later to see what I got at Hunkemoller! 

Have a lovely day's babes!

SHIRT: Labelless
SHORTS: Vero Moda
SUNNIES: Ray Ban Wayfarer
WATCH: Galliano (new)
Katwijk, Netherlands


04 August 2014

Sorry for the long absence! I was so cought up with school, but guess what! I got my University Propedeuse!! I'm soo happy with it. I've worked so hard this year. Besides getting my propedeuse I also bought my very first car! And I'm in love. I love driving so so much. When it comes to cars, I'm definitely a tomboy. But for the rest, I'm the girliest girl as possible.

 As always, I love going to the beach. I love the salty wind in my hair, the seawater on my skin. I feel at home at when I'm at the sea. Peace and tranquility is all I feel then. Getting a little tan doesn't hurt either, since I'm as pale as paper. But So far my 'sun kissed skin' Is rather a 'sun-made-out-with-my-skin that happend to me. I was sun burned so badly! I fell a sleep in the sun (AGAIN!) with no protection at all. My face hurts, my legs hurt and a little bit of my upperchest was burned. This time it wasn't as bad as two years ago. I had a second degree burn caused by the sun. This is my second time ever to get burned. I always wear protection, but this time, just as two years ago, I fell a sleep. Seriously, I can fall a sleep everywhere and at any time. 

Summer is coming to an end and fall is right around the corner, but I've been waiting for Summer to arive a whole year and I think you did to, so let us enjoy this last beautiful month with Summer before we say goodbye to her again.

With love,


SHIRT: Vero Moda
VEST: Vero Moda
SHORTS: Vero Moda

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