Katwijk, Netherlands


04 August 2014

Sorry for the long absence! I was so cought up with school, but guess what! I got my University Propedeuse!! I'm soo happy with it. I've worked so hard this year. Besides getting my propedeuse I also bought my very first car! And I'm in love. I love driving so so much. When it comes to cars, I'm definitely a tomboy. But for the rest, I'm the girliest girl as possible.

 As always, I love going to the beach. I love the salty wind in my hair, the seawater on my skin. I feel at home at when I'm at the sea. Peace and tranquility is all I feel then. Getting a little tan doesn't hurt either, since I'm as pale as paper. But So far my 'sun kissed skin' Is rather a 'sun-made-out-with-my-skin that happend to me. I was sun burned so badly! I fell a sleep in the sun (AGAIN!) with no protection at all. My face hurts, my legs hurt and a little bit of my upperchest was burned. This time it wasn't as bad as two years ago. I had a second degree burn caused by the sun. This is my second time ever to get burned. I always wear protection, but this time, just as two years ago, I fell a sleep. Seriously, I can fall a sleep everywhere and at any time. 

Summer is coming to an end and fall is right around the corner, but I've been waiting for Summer to arive a whole year and I think you did to, so let us enjoy this last beautiful month with Summer before we say goodbye to her again.

With love,


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VEST: Vero Moda
SHORTS: Vero Moda

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