The Netherlands


20 October 2014

RRrr.. Last friday I did an order on Nelly on these shoes. I've been searching for a good animal printed sneaker for a long time. I thought this will look good with a lot of outfits since animal prints are also neutrals. They go with everthing. A white blouse, some ripped jeans, a beautiful bag ( I'm still in love with my Louis V), some sunnies and you're good to go. Okey now I really want them to be deliverd ahah. It's getting colder here in The Netherlands. You can feel the new season coming. I personally love Autumn and the other three seasons but I just hate cold. I think I can still wear these bad boys a couple of times before I jump in some warm boots.

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The Netherlands


BLUE Let me start by saying that I've missed blogging so freaking much! This is my first post in like two month's! What happend these two month's that have caused my absence is a couple of things.

Let's start by Uni. I'm so freaking proud of meself for getting my University propedeuse in my first year. I got all 60 EC. I worked my ass of and had to sacrifice a lot of things that I wanted to do in my life. One of these things is to created more content on Chirique and upload these videos I have on to my youtube channel.  In September  of this year I started my second year in Uni which was a little scary. I had this overwhelming feeling that I actually was fullfilling a part of my dream. Growing up, all I heard was that I can't do anything and that I should't even try. I've never believed in the 'I can't- phrase'. I have always believed that if you truly want something, you got to work for it. With that comes a package of emotions. You will stress out, cry, you'll might consider giving up. All of this is totally fine, as long as you will shake it all of and say NO!, FUCK IT, I CAN DO THIS.

Keep your eyes on the price babes! I see my Bachelor degree in law waiting for my signature. Blogging wise, I hope that I can invest more time in it. It's hard doing it all by myself. Taking pictures and stuff, but hey, I like it, I want this. It's my passion. So I shouldn't complain, but still.. :).

Okey that's reason number 1 why I hadn't blogged for years and years ( 2 month's, but you know me). When I was making my assignments for Uni my freaking laptop crashed in front of my eyes! I went nuts. I invested so much time in it and I had to start all over again. Besides my assignments everything was on that laptop. My pictures of the Summer, my holiday pictures of Germany and France. Everything is gone and that's irrecplaceble. It freaking sucks. My laptop was just turning 1 in september. I hate it, it's still being fixed and I work in the University library now. I feel so ancient without my lappie. It's like I'm missing a bodypart. I'm so attached to it.

Next week I have my exams and the week after I have a week off! I'm borrowing my lil brother's laptop now, so I can finally blog again. I'm saving up for a new laptop and I will give my laptop that is being fixed to my other lil brother. I still can't decide if I want the macbook pro 13 inch or 15 inch. I do know that I want a pro.

SO, what has all of this has to do with shoes, you think?? Uhm.. absolutely nothing. I just wanted to share my new babes with you. I love love love sneakers. These are by Lanvin and they are gorgeous. At first the freaking hurt, no joke. It was such a pain to walk in them. I want to get more of Lanvin sneakers because they are so classy looking. I did an order on Nelly last friday on some cute shoes. I have been ordering a lot of items lately. Sunglasses, watches, shoes.. I admit, I have a problem.

Speak to you soon!



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