The Netherlands


30 November 2014

SNOW WHITE As promised, here are the photo's of my little shopping spree at my altime favorite store, Vero Moda.They are from their brand Noisy may.  No joke you guys, These vests and sweaters are, besides beautifull,  so cozy and warm. The long vest kept my bum warm yesterday. I went to Slagharen with my family and it was soo cold. Winter has definitly arrived to The Netherlands. Get the vest here!

Happy 30th of november and almost welcome 1 December :D


24 November 2014

I went out with my family last friday. I'm so busy with learning and I can't stand one more textbook. So to have some fun and do something with my life besides stuDYING, we ate some Turkish (fast)food. Dürüm Doner is soo good! We all smelled like garlic after, but we didn't cared #YOLO :p. Just kiddin, we went home right after and brushed our teeth like crazy. I went for a casual look with no makeup on. I try to give my skin a break. I'm wearing my favorite earrings from Swarovski. It suits so many looks and goes with everything. I went for a dark grey (almost black) jeans that Is from, can you guess?, Vero ModaI love that brand so much. And to match my earrings I was wearing a blouse that I got from Vero Moda, but is from the brand ONLY. I'm obsessed with it's collar. And because I wanted to give some light color in the look, I went for this creamy colored sweater from Bershka. It has lace details al over the sweater. For shoes I went with Uggs. They are so warm! My entire body was screaming for warmth while my feet where chillin as if they where on Curacao. You probably can't tell that my hair is dark purple in the images, but it is and I love it! I am going to color it again soon so it will have a bit more purple in it.

Now it's time to put my pizza that's waiting for me in the oven and go back at learning. I have a test tommorow. 

Good night pumkins!


The look
Blouse: ONLY
Sweater: Bershka
Jeans: Vero Moda
Watch: Galliano ''datekeeper''
Earrings: Swarovski


22 November 2014

I hadn't coloured my hair in this pic. 

Missed my face much? ahaha. I know that I haven't posted a lot of outfit post, but I'm so busy with Uni + It is freezingly cold here. I can tell you how I dressed the last few weeks.When it comes to dressing up in the typical cold Dutch months, I like to just wear black. All Dutchies do actually. But this time I want to go for a light Winter wardrobe. I went shopping yesterday at Vero Moda. I know I said that I would go and shop elsewhere more often, wich I did, but I just love Vero Moda's simplicity. I will take pictures of my little purchases later. BTW, I colerd my hair purple!! It's a really dark purple, almost black. I do like my new haircolor, but I wish that it was more purplely. So I'm going to wash my hair a couple of times with Head & Shoulders and colour it again with a more purplely haircolouring.

#CHIRI'S-tips, When it comes to coloring your hair with a permanent colour and you want to wash it out ( well most of it), use a harsh shampoo like Head & Shoulders. It will take a lot of the colors that you build up in your hair out. Leave it in your hair for 30 minutes, wash it out and then use a conditioner for 10 minutes. Don't use head & Shoulders everyday since it isn't that kind for your hair.

The Look
Vest: Vero Moda
Shirt: Vero Moda
Earrings: H&M
Watch: Fossil

Enjoy your day Honeys


06 November 2014

COME TO MAMA YESSS! they are finally here! I had to re-order them since they were a little to big for me. my shoe size is 37 (EU) but the Nelly slip in sneaker's aren't true to size so I had to go one size down. The ladies that helped me re-ordering these lovely products where so freaking kind! This was my first purchase on Nelly and it won't be the last. I'm officially a Nellyholic haha.

BTW a little hair news for you. If you are a freqeant visitor of my blog you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE to experiment with my haircolors. So since it's Autumn I thought that it was finally the right time to colour my hair dark purple! I can't wait to color it! I can see myself rocking these pair of sneakers, a long coat and BAMM purple hair with a beanie. 

You can find the sneakers here and the bracelet here

Enjoy your day babes,


The Netherlands


05 November 2014

I did a little bit of shopping this week. I love buying nailpolishes and I've searched for weeks for this particular polish from Essence. I saw a video of Jerusha Couture on youtube ( I love her personality!) and I just had to have it. It's such a beautiful neutral colour. I finally found it and it was on sale as well. I only paid fifty cent for it. It's called dare it nude 162. Seriously you guys, buy it now and thank me later. I also could help but notice that Catrice has a limited edition collection going on (Essence as well). I thought these eyeshadows would be perfect for Autumn. I love dark smokey eyes for this time of the year. And last but not least I wanted a new fleece blanket. It's so cold you guys. And this will keep me warm + it's so pretty and girly.

Have a lovely day bunnies!


The Netherlands


04 November 2014

WALKING ON CLOUDS I'm so happy to have this bad boys in my shoe collection. I can't believe I never purchased Ugg's before. This is my very first pair. They are perfect for the cold Dutch winter days. No joke you guys, It's freezingly cold here. I tried them on yesterday and omg, they are so comfortable and my feet stayed warm the entire day. They feel so soft inside. I wanted to get them in black at first, but the store I purchased mine didn't had them in my size. I have a size 37 in EU, but for some reason a size 7 in Ugg. I don't know why a lot of people think they're ugly looking, I think they look cute. I have bear feet now :P
Btw happy november! I can't believe we're almost in 2015!! OMG, I'm almost turning 22 and my blog is turning 2! Time flies you guys. Try to enjoy each day and make every moment memorable.

Love you sweets!

Okey, I'm going to get breakfast now and then it's time to study.

Thank you for stopping by and until next time
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