06 November 2014

COME TO MAMA YESSS! they are finally here! I had to re-order them since they were a little to big for me. my shoe size is 37 (EU) but the Nelly slip in sneaker's aren't true to size so I had to go one size down. The ladies that helped me re-ordering these lovely products where so freaking kind! This was my first purchase on Nelly and it won't be the last. I'm officially a Nellyholic haha.

BTW a little hair news for you. If you are a freqeant visitor of my blog you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE to experiment with my haircolors. So since it's Autumn I thought that it was finally the right time to colour my hair dark purple! I can't wait to color it! I can see myself rocking these pair of sneakers, a long coat and BAMM purple hair with a beanie. 

You can find the sneakers here and the bracelet here

Enjoy your day babes,


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