24 November 2014

I went out with my family last friday. I'm so busy with learning and I can't stand one more textbook. So to have some fun and do something with my life besides stuDYING, we ate some Turkish (fast)food. Dürüm Doner is soo good! We all smelled like garlic after, but we didn't cared #YOLO :p. Just kiddin, we went home right after and brushed our teeth like crazy. I went for a casual look with no makeup on. I try to give my skin a break. I'm wearing my favorite earrings from Swarovski. It suits so many looks and goes with everything. I went for a dark grey (almost black) jeans that Is from, can you guess?, Vero ModaI love that brand so much. And to match my earrings I was wearing a blouse that I got from Vero Moda, but is from the brand ONLY. I'm obsessed with it's collar. And because I wanted to give some light color in the look, I went for this creamy colored sweater from Bershka. It has lace details al over the sweater. For shoes I went with Uggs. They are so warm! My entire body was screaming for warmth while my feet where chillin as if they where on Curacao. You probably can't tell that my hair is dark purple in the images, but it is and I love it! I am going to color it again soon so it will have a bit more purple in it.

Now it's time to put my pizza that's waiting for me in the oven and go back at learning. I have a test tommorow. 

Good night pumkins!


The look
Blouse: ONLY
Sweater: Bershka
Jeans: Vero Moda
Watch: Galliano ''datekeeper''
Earrings: Swarovski

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