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31 December 2014

So I guess that this was it. 2014 to me was a very emotional year, at least for my country. 2014 was the year of a lot of lose, but also some joy.  Chirique turned two on the 16th of Januari, I passed my drivers license exame within two months of learning ( Januari second), I got my University Propedeuse. I turned 21. I also went to Germany and France during Uni-breaks and lost al the footage of my holiday in France. ALWAYS back your stuff up. 

I will do a 2014 recap next year ( get it :p), because I just got home and I need to get ready to go to Scheveningen and celebrate New Year. 

I wish you a happy, healthy 2015. The best of luck and let's make 2015 our year!

With Love,



27 December 2014

Nelly heeft SALE! Ik heb al eens eerder een bestelling bij hun gedaan en ik ben ontzettend tevreden met hun klantvriendelijkheid. Dat is ook echt een van de redenen dat ik terug ga naar een winkel of webshop. Voor de dames die nog geen nieuwjaars jurk hebben aangeschaft of gewoon kleding, ga dan snel naar Nelly.com. 70 % korting is niet niks en ze hebben ontzettend veel leuke kleding en schoenen. Ik adviseer qua schoenen dat je bij de instap sneakers één maat lager moet gaan want ze vallen groot. 

Veel shopplezier!

Aalsmeer, The Netherlands


December is getting to an end wich sounds so surreal. Probably everybody experience that a year goes so fast, but 2014 really went way to fast. To end this last month of 2014 my family and I went to the theater on thursday. It was soo windy that day. I was suppose to go out today but the flew cought me and the weather is so bad that it was adviced to not go on the road today. It is snowing right now mixed with rain and a wind that screams ''SPARTA WILL NEVER DIE!!''

That day I wore my lifesavers, the most warmest boots on the planet. I really want to get more of these Ugg boots. To keep me warm I wore my beloved scarf that I bought at, yep you guessed it! Vero Moda. It is from the brand Pieces. I just bought two more of these large scarfs. I highly recommend them. They are so freaking warm and snuggly. 

If you're wondering what happend with my ''purple'' hair. Due to washing it faded so much. This was also the first time that I tried a Syoss haircolor. The first days my hair looked so fierce! For those that celebrated Christmas, I hope that it was wonderfull and before you go, I just want to wish you a healthy and amazing New Year! May 2015 bring you the best!


10 December 2014

Yesterday's delicousness. This is the last time that I'll eat this unhealthy for a long time ( New years and my birthday excluded :P). It was so good though.

We didn't wanted to cook so we went and bought some take-outs. Some chicken saté burger at a Turkish snackbar and then we went to New York Pizza! They're pesto bread and cheese bread are so good! especially with the sauce.

Today I'm going to eat a healthy tradional Dutch stew, minus the meat. 

Have a lovely night Honeyzz, and enjoy your meal! 


I totally forgot to show you some pictures of my haircolor. Due to exams and so much assignments that I have to do at Uni, I haven't had the time to take pictures, but nevertheless.

My hair isn't this purplely anymore. Due to washing it lost it's beautiful purple glow. I also have never showed you how this coat looks on. I bought it a year ago, exacly around this time I believe. If you live in the cold areas of Europe, ( The Netherlands included) than this is such an awesome coat. It is so freaking warm!! I bought it online from the Supertrash website. It's called the 'Ozzy coat'.

The Netherlands


01 December 2014

Welcome December  I've always loved this time of the year. Eventhoug it's the coldest time in the year here in The Netherlands, It always feels the warmest. I don't celebrate Xmas (I'm muslim), but I must say that it's beautifull outside with all the lights on. I'm going to start my december good with a new Vogue NL magazine and some pepsi ((to go), I have to go to Uni later) This time my Vogue came with a supercute and warm beanie. I love it! I already have a shirt from Vogue that I got with last year's magazine. 

My Iphone case is from Vero Moda. I bought it together with my vests and sweaters, but I forgot to include it in my previous blogpost. 

Talk to you soon!


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