Drenthe, Netherlands


31 December 2014

So I guess that this was it. 2014 to me was a very emotional year, at least for my country. 2014 was the year of a lot of lose, but also some joy.  Chirique turned two on the 16th of Januari, I passed my drivers license exame within two months of learning ( Januari second), I got my University Propedeuse. I turned 21. I also went to Germany and France during Uni-breaks and lost al the footage of my holiday in France. ALWAYS back your stuff up. 

I will do a 2014 recap next year ( get it :p), because I just got home and I need to get ready to go to Scheveningen and celebrate New Year. 

I wish you a happy, healthy 2015. The best of luck and let's make 2015 our year!

With Love,


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