18 March 2015

What happens when one of your favorite shoetypes ( sneakers) and one of your favorite animal prints get together and make a baby!? Perfection! That's what you get. When I laid my eyes on these sneakers from Replay I just had to have it. They say, shoes tell a lot about somebody and I guess that might be right. I like to express myself trough shoes ( and makeup!). Shoes can dress you up or just give your outfit a little umph. These sneakers are perfect for the Summertime. What I love about them is that they are neutral and go perfect with almost every look. I can see meself rocking these with white jeans and a denim blouse or with some shorts and a black top. These pair of sneakers comes with some extra laces in pink! 

How about you? Would you wear animal printed sneakers? I would love to know.


09 March 2015

My family and I have always loved soccer. We went to the match of FC Utrecht - AZ and, as a born Utrechter, I was very proud that we won. Utrecht won with 6-2! We were invited to sit in the skybox wich was pretty amazing. The girl that was taking care of the food was so nice and my baby brother kept playing with her. Since I burned my left hand I decided to just dress very casual. I mean, I wasn't able to do anything else haha. 

Talk to you soon!

- WZ

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