18 March 2015

What happens when one of your favorite shoetypes ( sneakers) and one of your favorite animal prints get together and make a baby!? Perfection! That's what you get. When I laid my eyes on these sneakers from Replay I just had to have it. They say, shoes tell a lot about somebody and I guess that might be right. I like to express myself trough shoes ( and makeup!). Shoes can dress you up or just give your outfit a little umph. These sneakers are perfect for the Summertime. What I love about them is that they are neutral and go perfect with almost every look. I can see meself rocking these with white jeans and a denim blouse or with some shorts and a black top. These pair of sneakers comes with some extra laces in pink! 

How about you? Would you wear animal printed sneakers? I would love to know.

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