07 April 2015

ANIMALS! If you read my blog frequently, you know that my family and I are huge animal lovers. I genuinly think that they are a gift from heaven. They are just so incredibly beautiful. That day I went to the Zoo with the one and only's (my fam)Eventhough I was really sick and looked like SH** I wouldn't wanted to miss a day to the zoo. Seeing elephants and zebra's, girafs and those cute little pinguins just brighten up my day. I just love African animals. Maybe it's because my roots are from that beautiful continent? That day was a really cold day. I was wearing my new big sweater that I got from paired with some Uggies and my faux fur coat from Supertrash. 

Because my hair was really long, I decided to cut it and ofcourse colored it black, because why not. I can't do a lot now since I've burned my hand and my hair grows really fast. Oh my, I say 'really' a lot. I made a lot of photo's from that day and I hope you'll like them!

Look at that little baby playing with sand!
The pinguins of Madagascar where all in line so we could take a picture. Do you recognize these guys? Let me introduce you to Private, Kowalski, Skipper and Rico.

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