05 June 2015

I'm almost done with my second year of Uni! Time flies so fast and that means another trip to the Zoo. I have been to so many zoo's in my entire life. I probably visited all the big ones here in The Netherlands. I love these little 'King Julian's'  so much! last year when I went to France for a mid weekend I visited a zoo near by Paris. These ring-tailed lemurs where walking free in the park and one of them sat on my shoulder and the other on my head! I really wanted to show you all of the photo's that I took there but unfortunatly my laptop crashed and I lost everything!

Lately I've been into black, grey and white clothing. I'm really liking it. It looks clean, fresh and as always elegant. Since the weather is getting ridiculously hot here in Hollanda I'm wearing a new dress from my all time favorite store Vero Moda. I bought it in black as well. I've paired it with some sneakers from nelly and these ones are so comfortable. Because it was really hot, I kept my makeup very light. I mean, nobody likes a melting face. 

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