28 February 2015

On the 26th of February I went to the theater with my baby brother, sister and mom. I will never forget this day. Intentionlly a clasmate of my little brother ( he's 9 years old) and her mother would join my mother, little brother and me. Her mom cancelled in the morning saying that her daughter was to sick to come, but we would come by their house on saterday to make pancakes. My little brother was really upset, because he was looking forward going with his friend to see Snow White.

The day after my mom and I went shopping in Amsterdam. While walking to the car my mom recieved a phone call from my little brother's teacher and immediatly started to cry on the streets. I knew than what just happend. My little brothers friend passed away, the day that we would go to see Snow White. She was so full of life and I'm having a really hard time dealing with this. 

She had braincancer and she fought until the very last day. 

I know that this blog is a fashion blog but I just need to get this of my chest. What I want to say is, to enjoy life. We all are so busy that we forget to just stop and take life in, because we don't know how long we have. 

Spread the love and please people, cherish eachother. We only got one life and let's fill it up with love.

Bless you,


The Look
Jeggings: Pieces
Sneakers: Lanvin
Earrings: Otazu
Watch: Galliano ''Datekeeper''
Lipstick: Loreal '' Brunettes''

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


08 February 2015

CHERISE I wanted this bag for over a year and I was so excited when I new that it would come with a pouchette. I think that this bag is so handy for University or for other purposes. It could easily be a diaper bag. For the entirior of the bag I went for the color cherise wich is a beautifull red. It's almost the same red of the Damier Ebene. I was lucky with this purchase, because I bought it just about a week before they increased the price.

Have a blessed day loves!


For my birthday I got meself another Louis Vuitton item. Can you guess what I got?

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