11 July 2016

After three whole years of stress and tears I am finally done! I can not believe it! I'm going to be a Bachelor of Law. To all my teachers who told me mutliple times that I will never go to University ( based on my ethnicity) eat this! Yesterday was the match between Portugal and France. my little family and I where secretly cheering for Portugal ( since we where in a bar full of French people. I am soo happy that they've won! on another note, Yep that is me, still trying to send my thesis to my professor in the middle of nowhere. it was due last friday, but the Wi-Fi here is just terrible. I was trying to send it all weekend with no luck. Hopefully I will have better luck today.

This year we are going back to Spain, but we are making a little stop in France, in case I have a do-over. We are staying in a typical northern France village with a beautiful castle nearby. Talk to you soon, I have to hustle with my Wi-Fi so that I can send my Thesis. Wish me luck.


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