30 October 2016

Day 1 (26 October 2016). The longest part of my hair is 54 cm (roughly 21 inches) long and the shortest piece of hair is 23 cm (9 inches) long.

Hi readers,

Before I tell you about a hair grow method that I'm trying and combining with my haircare, I thought it would be interesting to say why I'm actually doing this. If you're a frequent visitor/reader of my blog you know that I have a hair obsession. I love to change it up with a new colour.  In May I went to a hairdresser (recommended by a classmate) (biggest mistake ever to listen to her) and asked for some balayage. It was my very first time ever that I've been to a hairdresser for something like this. I normally color my own hair and it's always in one colour.

I've never bleached my hair in my entire life (only boxdyed it black, brown, light brown, mahagony and purple) and the only time I was blonde, my sister had put highlights in my entire hair. So this hairdresser parted my hair and smacked bleach on the bottom part and I already felt like, oh SH'**, this is not going to look good. Then her friend came in and talked with for a really long time. The hairdresser then decided to get a smoke and went outside while I was frying like a fritata. I hold back my tears and was full of disbelieve. Roughly 90 minutes later she came back in, while she was still talking to her friend and then decided to start with highlighting her friends hair! I don't know why I didn't opened my mouth, but I sat there quitly waiting for this nightmare to stop. She then started to bleack the top port of my hair and told my to get of the chair (politely) and to sit on own of those waiting chairs. I kept thinking when is she going to wash the bottom part since it has been over 90 minutes that it's in my hair. She went back to her friend and gave a lot of attention to her hair by using olaplex and checking it every now and then. She told her daughter (who works there) to wash the bottom part of my hair. While her daughter was washing it she came by to check it and talked in Bulgarian in a stressful and nervous way. Now I'm not Bulgarian but by the way she talked I knew that it wasn't good. 

In order to not make this post to long about my terrible experience and the reason why I've lost my trust in hairdessers and change what this post is really about (hair growth) I just tell you the end results now and maybe if I have the courage and if you want, I can show you what it looked like.

The end result was having 50 shades of brass/white/blonde and a 100% of WT*!@#F is that on your head! The bottom part was white with some yellow tones, the upper part was warm golden with some orange peeking through. and it was not blended at all with my rootcolour which was dark brown. I had sharp lines of when the ''balayage'' started. my hair felt like wet woolen threads.  When I came home I cut a lot off my hair of because it was just so ugly and damaged and I waited for three weeks to colour it dark blond and then two weeks later brown. I haven't coloured it since and I'm just being really gently with it now. I make my own ''hairmedications'' by mixing oils and using plants, vegitables and fruits to make it stronger and it has worked. If you want a post about that let me know in the comments!


Disclaimer: Everyone grows their hair differently. What workes for me might not work for you. However this method will speed up your hairgrowth but it might not be up to 4 inches in a week instantly. 

Step 1: Don't wash your hair every day! You might think '' ¡¿What, that's gross!? But in order to let your hair grow and give your hair shaft some rest and so it can produce natural oils, it is better to wash your hair every other day.

Step 2: Give your hair a deep condition once in a week. I prefer making my own deep conditioning mask by using for example pure olive oil.

Step 3: Now the fun part; the Inversion Method. Flip your head down and massage your head for about 5 minutes. It workes best when you use some kind of oil like olive oil or coconot oil, but you can ofcourse use nothing. Don't do this longer than 5 minutes or you will get dizzy. Flip your head back and massage it for another 5 minutes and you're done. 

So I started the inversion method on 26 October 2016 and I will post about the results on the 2th of November. So if you want to know if this worked for me it's best if you are following me on Bloglovin (Chirique) and Instagram (@chirique) so that you don't miss that post! I will be doing the Inversion Method the whole month of November so keep a look out for the whole process by checking in every now and then.

Good luck!


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