27 November 2016


26 November 2016

Hey hey,

My Saturday has been pretty okay so far. I already had breakfast, but right now I'm going to enjoy some wraps with fish in it. It's really good and healthy. Although I must confess, dough gives me stomach pains whenever I eat it. After this, I need to get back to learning. I have exams next week and the week after. Wish me luck!


20 November 2016

Hi Blog,
Sorry for the lack of updates. I just had to take a little time off. Last thursday my great-grandmother passed away and on top of that I just had a really bad week due to supposedly 'friends'. I haven't seen my great-grandmother in years and we all really wanted to see her. At home we've talked about it for a whole year. Eventhough she was really old, it still came a bit as a suprise. I just hope she's happy now. On another note, 


16 November 2016


11 November 2016

Good afternoon already,

I just got back home. I went by the University to get my readers, but before I went there, I visited a plantshop nearby my house. I had a little vetplant and she was so beautiful. I found it odd that her leaves dried out to the point that they fell out. They were also turning black. So before I tell you why, keep in mind that I never had plants in my entire live. I only had animals (lots of animals!) I gave her water everyday which is a no-go when it comes to vetplants, but I didn't knew that. The lady at the shop also told me that I came by without covering the plant. It's -3 Celcius here in The Netherlands which is something these plants can't bar. I feel really really bad. I murdered my plant on accident! I drowned her. So I just gave her a final kiss and burried her. Maybe it's to much for you haha but I really love nature and her death pains me. It's a hard lesson for when I get some new plants. I love having them around me, just not dead. 
Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands


Hi everyone,

This post should have been up already, but I've been lacking. I was full on studymode and then I got really sick. I missed my exams and now I have to wait a while to make them. But I did had a fun day today because my little brother turned 11 today! Can't believe how fast time flies. Anyway, I wanted to share another experience I had with my sweet family in Efteling. If you're not Dutch (Belgian or German) than you might not know what I'm talking about. Let me explain and show you what the Efteling is.
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