16 November 2016

Happy birthday my little angel! My baby brother turned 11 on the 10th of November and I just cannot believe how fast time flies. Every year when it's his birthday he asks me to make him something so he can treat his classmates. It's a Dutch tradition that when it's your birthday you treat your classmates with something (something sweet). So like last year he wanted muffins, but they had to be personalised because every classmate is special. He was like, I know that you're very busy with learning but can you please do it. And I can never refuse those big brown eyes, So I was in the kitchen the entire night making personalised muffins and a brownie cake as a birthday cake with his name on it. It turned out that the muffins where a succes and his classmates where so impressed and felt very special ( mission accomplished!). I apparently inspired some of them to also create happy muffins when it's their birthday. So yeah, I felt really happy hearing that. Today on the other hand, I wasn't that happy. Remember that friend that I talked about a couple post back. Well yeah, let's just say that friendship sank. But I try to stay positive and I always remember myself, Whenever someone is walking out of your life, it's because someone new is walking in it for the better!

I wish you all a beautiful night or morning where ever you are!

Lot's of love,


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