27 November 2016

I'm done for today with studying. My head cannot handle more knowledge at the moment haha. Before getting in bed I wanted to show you my scores from Zara. I've had these for about a month now. I've mentioned that I really wanted the denim Looney Tunes jacket when I saw it on the website. The only sizes that they had at that moment was S, M and L. XS was sold out and I kept waiting for it to come back in stock. Because I was afraid that they wouldn't come back I settled with the S. Now I must be honest and tell you that the jacket to begin with is oversized and that the size S is thus in reality an M. So I think that I will take a little bit off of the sleeves and than it will be a perfect fit. Unfortunatly the Buggs Bunny jacket is no longer available, BUT Zara does have something new. They now have the  Mickey Mouse version and that one is also really cute. 

As far as the Wonder Woman leather jacket, that one is still on the website and is amazing. it retails for €150,- and is so worth the price. I've you like comics like I do than this is besides a collector's piece also a fun fashion statement jacket. I've worn it a couple times out and I always get compliments whenever I wear it. 

Finally let's talk about the chokers. Now, chokers are a big deal right now (Holla if you're a '90's kid like me!) and these just spoke to me. the kristal version is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! Zara has a lot more so you have many options. The ones that I got are also still on the website and in stores so happy shopping!!

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