31 December 2016

Just a couple of hours left of you, my sweet 2016. While most people would say how fast time has flied away, I must admit that 2016 has been a long year. I've learned a lot from you 2016. I've made some terrible mistakes when it comes to my hair haha. One of my biggest regrets was cutting it #neveragain. I've learned to always trust my guts and that it's okay not to please every single person. That I matter too. You made me reconnect with myself and for that I am grateful. I've lost some 'friends' along the way, but that's fine. Whenever someone walks out of your life, just remember that they're making room for someone else to enter. I live by that. I've met some amazing new friends. You have gone trough all my stressmoments at University. How determined I was at getting my diploma. How I was like, f***K it, and grabbed my bags and went on a early Summervacation while I was still working on my thesis and how proud I was at my final work. On the 31th of August 2016 I recieved


23 December 2016

Sweater is by Vero Moda/ Lipstick Rimmel ' Notting Hill Nude 720// Hair color Garnier 'Light brown 5.0'/ Buddha to Buddha 'Nathalie' (here)//

Christmas is just around the corner, but if you're still not sure what to get your loved ones maybe I can help. Whenever I recieve or buy something, it needs to be special and something that I will always have with me. If you're somewhat like me than


22 December 2016

Hi blog,

It's been a hot minute since my last post, but I'm back. I've been really busy with lots of projects, but I have finally two weeks off of Uni!! (well, I do need to make to papers, but at least I don't have to wake up at 6 every day). Yesterday I had a Christmas dinner and the food was just AMAIII-zing. I don't celebrate this holiday whatsoever, but if I get invited for some delicious food, I'm the last person that would decline such an invitation. For those who


17 December 2016

Good morning everyone and happy saturday!

I decided to start my day early because I have a lot of work to do. But before I dive in all the Uni madness I like to just enjoy how quiet the world is with a cup of tea. As a proud donut lover I could help meself but get these christmas themed donuts from the supermarket. They tast just as amazing as how they look. After my sweet starter I will eat some real breakfast haha while watching some youtube. Lately I'm obsessed with


03 December 2016

Hey hey,

I thought it would be fun to introduce a new 'category' here on the blog. I'm still not sure if I should call it 'VIBE' or 'MOOD', but it's basically an expresison of how I'm feeling at the moment through images. The last month or so was really difficult for me.
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