31 December 2016

Just a couple of hours left of you, my sweet 2016. While most people would say how fast time has flied away, I must admit that 2016 has been a long year. I've learned a lot from you 2016. I've made some terrible mistakes when it comes to my hair haha. One of my biggest regrets was cutting it #neveragain. I've learned to always trust my guts and that it's okay not to please every single person. That I matter too. You made me reconnect with myself and for that I am grateful. I've lost some 'friends' along the way, but that's fine. Whenever someone walks out of your life, just remember that they're making room for someone else to enter. I live by that. I've met some amazing new friends. You have gone trough all my stressmoments at University. How determined I was at getting my diploma. How I was like, f***K it, and grabbed my bags and went on a early Summervacation while I was still working on my thesis and how proud I was at my final work. On the 31th of August 2016 I recieved

that special e-mail with a congratulations, you're now an Alumni! You have showed me that with hard work, faith in yourself, discipline and determination ANYTHING is possible. 2016 is also a year that I reflect upon with tears in my eyes. A lot of innocent stars have left our world and as I'm writing this post I feel that feeling of powerlessness, pain and sadness all over again. The news of Aleppo really affected me. I wanted to study law ever since I was a little girl. Not to get rich or get some kind of status. My sole reason was and is to help people. That's what had driven me ever since and why I always wanted to achieve the best in school. So here is to 2017. I want walk in 2017 with only positive energy. I'm not a 'new year new me' or a 'new year's resolution plan' kinda girl. I see a new year as a fresh start. I want to stop stressing about getting  the highest grades and not making enough time for meself. I'm planning to travel more. As a matter of fact, I'm starting my travel journey next week!

So my lovely readers, what I want to share with you is to just live life and enjoy every single second of it. Don't overthink every decision that you have to make. Love more and tell hate to eat glass. Be open towards the unkown. People with another ethnic background should not frighten you. It should make you curious to get to know them. Trust me when I say that they will enrich and enlighten your life with knowlegde you weren't aware of it's existence. So cheers to the new year! Happy 2017!!

With love,


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