31 October 2016

Good night already!

Here's a preview for tomorrow's post. It actually should've been online today, but I had a full day of University and when I finally came home I was so tired. I did got to eat some amazing sushi! I'm still reading some cases for tomorrow's lecture while listening to some music. I'm recently really liking Lil Mix. I never listened to that kind of music, but I think that they are really dope. Before wishing you all a good night, I just want to let you know that I'm on Instagram, so if you would like to see more of me that you don't see on the blog than go and follow @chirique.

Sleep well to all my European readers and good morning to the rest of the world!


Goedenacht al weer!

Hier is een preview voor de post van morgen. Het had eigenlijk vandaag al online moeten zijn, maar ik had de hele dag colleges en toen ik eindelijk thuis was was ik zo moe. Een hoogtepunt van vandaag was dat ik heerlijke sushi heb gegeten! Ik ben nu nog even wat zaken aan het lezen voor de les voor morgen en wat muziek aan het luisteren. Ik luister recentelijk naar Lil Mix. Ik was voorheen nooit echt geïnteresseerd in dat soort muziek, maar ik vind ze eigenlijk best leuk. Voordat ik jullie een fijne avond wens, wil ik jullie laten weten dat ik op Instagram ben, dus mochten jullie meer van me willen zien dat jullie niet op de blog te zien krijgen volg me dan @chirique.

Slaap lekker mijn Europese lezers en goede morgen tegen de rest van de wereld!



30 October 2016

The Netherlands


27 October 2016


17 October 2016

Pictures date from februari 2013

Hi everyone,
Thought I will update from University with a throwback to February 2013. Never done that before. So far my I'm doing really well with my Master and keeping this blog running. I got a grade back which I'm really pleased about. It still feels a bit surreal that I'm actually busy with my Master degree. I have dreamed about this ever since I was in highschool. This friday will be very special since that will be the day of my bachelor graduation ceremony! I graduated before/during the Summer but i'ts a custom to have the ceremony in October. I'm thinking about wearing white suit. It's way to cold for dresses unfortunately. We shall see. I would love to know what you're studying or majoring. Let me know in the comments! Hugs!

Hey iedereen,
Ik dacht om even te posten vanuit de Universiteit met een throwback naar februari 2013. Ik heb dat nog nooit eerder gedaan. Tot zover doe ik het best goed op de Master en tegelijk deze blog runnen. Ik heb gisteren een cijfer terug gekregen en ik ben er erg tevreden over. Het voelt nog steeds een beetje surreal dat ik eigenlijk bezig om Master te worden. Ik heb hier over gedroomd sinds ik op de middelbare school zat. Deze vrijdag wordt een speciale dag, omdat dan de ceremonie uitreiking plaatsvindt. Ik ben feitelijk afgestudeerd voor/tijdens de zomer, maar de ceremonie vindt altijd plaats in oktober. Ik ben er over aan het nadenken om een witte pak te dragen. Het is veel te koud voor jurkjes dus daar denk ik niet eens over na. We zullen zien. Ik zou graag willen weten wat jullie studeren of waarin jullie je hebben gespecialiseerd. Laat het me weten in de comments! Hugs!


Scrambled eggs á là Vogue. Delicious!
Good morning!

How was your weekend? Mine was full of studying and watching the new episodes of The Flash, Arrow, Gotham and Legends of tomorrow. I love Marvel series ever since I was little. You have no idea how obsessed I was with Superman and Batman (actually I still am haha). I have a lecture later on the day so I'm starting my morning with some nice breakfast, tea and catching up with some blogs that I follow. Speaking of following, I'm on Bloglovin. Check that out and follow (click here). That way it's easy to find out when a new blogpost is up. They also have an app, so you can download it and check blogs out on your Iphone. It's worth to check out!  I'm going to get ready to shoot for the blog. 
I will check in later on, maybe on University. So stop by every now and then.



Hoe was jouw weekend? De mijne was vol met studeren en nieuwe afleveringen kijken van The Flash, Arrow, Gotham en Legends of tomorrow. Ik hou van Marvel series sinds ik een klein meisje was. Je hebt geen idee hoe gek ik van Superman en Batman was (eigenlijk nog steeds haha). Ik heb vanmiddag college, dus begin ik mijn ochtend rustig met een lekker ontbijtje, thee en lees ik een paar blogs die ik volg. Over volgen gesproken. Ik ben ook op Bloglovin en ik zou het tof vinden als je mijn blog daar wilt volgen (klik hier). Bloglovin is een ontzettend handige tool om up to date te zijn met de nieuwste blogpost. Ze hebben ook een app die je kan downloaden op je Iphone. Het is een kijkje waard! Ik ga me nu klaarmaken om te shooten voor de blog.
Ik check later in, misschien wel op de universiteit. Kom dus af en toe langs op de blog.



14 October 2016

Good night loves, 

I've seen this jacket online on Zara when I was in Spain and it never really left my mind. I'm obsessed with this denim jacket. It has all my favorite characters from when I was little. I used to had my own Buggs  Bunny and I took it everywhere with me. Not to mention that the Warner Brother logo is my initials. I don't know why I haven't purchased it already. I am not sure about the sizing though. Online it seems that size XS is sold out, but I don't know if I'm an XS or just S. We shall see. Whenever I have a lot of stuff to do for Uni, I go shopping. 

Enjoy your night!


Pictures are from March 2016

Hi blog,

How are you all. There is something I need to get off my chest. Growing up I had difficulties with trusting people. I grew up with a ton of friends and seriously had the best childhood. I was never alone, but when it comes to telling someone your deepest secrets, thoughts and feelings I would always be the one to keep them hidden inside. I don't like to talk about that kind of things. I feel that I am able enough to figure something out by meself and I have. But not to look all weird and shit I sometimes let some friends in and tell them things I normally don't. Anyways, as you all know I started a Master Criminal Law and I love it. It is a lot but I'm sure that I can combine it with CHIRIQUE. So on the University that I'm going we already started with our thesisresearch and we had to send our topic's before a date. I already knew what kind of topic I wanted to write my thesis and had sent it to the professor. A close friend of mine did as well. So I thought it would do me no harm to tell him since he already told his. A week later he told me that he found an amazing topic to write about and that he would send it to the professor. Now here comes to good stuff. That amazing topic he 'discovered' was the one I told him about.

I was so furious, sad and felt so betrayed. He know's how I feel about this and that I think that he's an untrustful hypocritical backstabber and that if he go trough with this, I know that our friendship means nothing to him. He wouldn't tell me if he send his new proposal or not, but the professor posted a list on our University board with the names of students and their topics placed under the professors that will become your mentor. And that was how I found out that he stole my idea. Maybe a wrong comparison but I felt like steve Jobs when he was betrayed by Bill Gates.

You might wonder, besides this being a D*..*move, what's the outcome of this or why does this affect me so much. Well because he's also writing about the same thing, I didn't make the cut to be placed under that group and he was. The professor that is going to guide that group used to be his mentor and you all know how that goes. 

We are now a couple weeks later and I still feel bothered by it while he thinks that we are fine and still friends. But I'm not twofaced unlike some of us and talking about it with him doesn't seem to work. So what should I do? How do I get rid of this weird feeling in my throat?

Thanks for listening. I just needed to let that out of my system. There will be positivity soon. I promise!

PS: if you're Dutch, use translate (sorry!)

Rhenen, Netherlands


02 October 2016

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