Rotterdam, The Netherlands


24 January 2017

Images I took over Rotterdam. What a beautiful city
Hey guys,

I just got my first exam and I should actually start studying for my next one, but I wanted to talk to you first about my weekend. As I've said on Instagram and in a previous post I went away with my family this weekend. I went to Rotterdam to do some activities. One of them was flying (as a passenger, not literally) My siblings and I had never flied before so it was pretty exciting.


20 January 2017

 I'm feeling a bit better now. I took a few days off, to rest and to learn for my upcoming exames next week. This weekend I will go on a trip (smart planning, NOT) which will be fun. I will try to make lot's of photo's to show you. With that being said, I haven't even showed you my purchase from Paris. I wanted this bag for over four years now, but never made the step to purchase it. Since then the price has gone up which is insain. Everyone that I know who is also into fashion or works at luxury stores always told me that the Celine mini luggage is a really heavy bag. And that I should go for the Micro instead. I always listen, but never really heard them, if you know what I mean.


13 January 2017

Goodmorning everyone,

How is everybody doing? It's the last day of the week and the last post of my Paris trip. We ended our Paris trip with some shopping and a diner at one of the best places in Paris, Le George V Café. The food was amazing. Ones again I ordered a warm goat cheese salad (they are also amazingly good cold) and a pumpkin soup. Normally I always order vegetarian, but there wasn't a lot of choice and I like to know what I'm eating, so goat cheese was a safe option for moi.



12 January 2017

Hey guys, 
The sickness continous so here are some Paris snapshots part three. We did not planned to do touristic things, but since we had a lot of free time, we thought why not. We decided to go on a boat tour on the Seine. I did a boat tour years ago when I was in London and I enjoyed that one. Anyway, during this tour we met some nice  Dutch girls. as I've told you in another post. The entire boat was full of Asian tourist and we where the only Europeans on the boat, which was kinda funny. However we could not see much since all of those tourist where making so much selfies. So we didn't got to see the Notre Dame and all other gems of Paris, but I will definitely go back in a couple of weeks for a due-over, so it's fine. I hope the weather will be nicer as well.
Paris, France


09 January 2017

Hey blog,

I'm still sick. I actually feel even worse than yesterday. My voice is gone and my entire body is hurting. I didn't went to class today so I guess it's time for a Parisian story-time numero duex.
My mom and I met two Dutch girls who where also visiting the La Ville Lumière. We met them durijng a boottour on the Seine (I will post some pictures later) so we decided to do some activities together. After the boottour we walked to the Eiffeltour to see it up close. It was so cold that after walking for 5 minutes I couldn't feel my toes. Because there was such a long waiting line  to go in to the Eiffel and because it was really cold ( it was raining and there was a cold strong wind), we decided to have lunch instead. I must say that food is really expensive in Paris. 16 euros for a sandwich and 8 euros for some coffee!? They're better be made out of gold. I choose the Goat Cheese salad since I love eating them in Spain. My mom went for a fish salad and the girls went for a typical French tosti (sandwich with melted cheese with or without ham). The goat cheese was tasted really good, however the salad tasted a bit off + I had a little scary surprise in my salad.
Paris, France


08 January 2017

Hey blog,

As I have mentioned on my instagram page (click here) I went away this weekend to Paris to celebrate two things. My birthday, which was on the 5th of January, and for getting my Bachelor degree of Law.  I decided that I should get meself a Chanel WOC and I wanted to get my very first Chanel in Paris. And here is where everything went wrong (okay not everything).


05 January 2017

It's my birthday today! I cannot believe that I'm actually 24. I don't feel any different, but it's just weird. I see birthday's as milestones. So what have I accomplished so far. Personally I've grown so much. I am happy to know who I am and what I want. Meaning, I now my strengts and I know that whenever I want to achieve something I go 100% for it. If you read my blog regularly you know that education is extremely important to me.

 I've always had that mentality, because I see education as a privelege and blessing and not as a mandatory thing that everyone has to do. Because in reality so many children and women don't have this privilege. Education is life changing. In highschool I've always said that I wanted to become a lawyer to help people. But to become one, I must get good grades and the only way to become a lawyer is to go to University (which is the highest place you can go in the Netherlands). Most of my teachers back than, where like, you will never going to make it. But for my classmates I was an inspiration. So I didn't listen to what my teachers had to say. So at that time from 12 - 17 I became the person I am today. I came out of my shy bubble and stood up for myself.
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