Paris, France


08 January 2017

Hey blog,

As I have mentioned on my instagram page (click here) I went away this weekend to Paris to celebrate two things. My birthday, which was on the 5th of January, and for getting my Bachelor degree of Law.  I decided that I should get meself a Chanel WOC and I wanted to get my very first Chanel in Paris. And here is where everything went wrong (okay not everything).

 The weahter was really not on our side. It was freezingly cold and on top of that it was raining the entire day. So my mom and I, who met up with two other Dutch girls went to a restaurant nearby to have lunch. After lunch, my mom and I took the metro to the Chanel store at Rue Cambon. I wanted to get the Chanel WOC trendy CC, but they did not had that one anymore. I then asked if they had the classic woc in gold with black or the boy woc with gold and black. They also did not had those options in store. I knew that I wanted to get some earrings and after seeing all the other beauties I just wanted the classic CC's. The sales assiciate kept telling me that she had them, but when it was time to pay they did not had a new one in the back. So I left empty handed.

I asked her where the Louis Vuitton store was and she had sent me in the wrong directions. In total I've asked a lot of shops where the Louis Vuitton and Celine was located but most of them pretended that they did not knew Celine and ALL of them had sent me literally everywhere in Paris. I have walked for more than five hours around Paris in the cold to find these two stores. At the end of the day we both were like F* it, we will go back to our beautiful Amsterdam and visit our main Louis Vuitton there. My mom and I both had boots with a heel on and by walking the entire day on the streets of Paris, our feet were killing us. We had found the Zara on the Champ D- Élysées and they have an amazing new collection. We bought some cute sneakers which are one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever had.

We decided to try to find these store one last time since it was getting late and asked the employees at Tiffany & Co. And they literally were so kind. The lady told us exaclty where both stores where. Apparantly stores sent tourist the wrong way on purpose which is such an ugly thing to do. As I'm writing this post, I'm in my rope drinking lot's of tea because I got sick. I've been outside in the cold and rain for 7 hours in total.

I didn't left Paris empty handed luckely but it would have been nice if they had said that they did not knew where it is rather than intentionally sending us in the wrong direction continuously and paying for metro tickets for no reason. On the bright side, I did see a lot of Paris by foot and it is such a beautiful place! I now know a lot of nice places to shoot for my next trip to Paris.

I will show more snaps that I took later this week. Visit  the blog regularly so you don't miss out!

Talk to you later. Bisous!



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