20 January 2017

 I'm feeling a bit better now. I took a few days off, to rest and to learn for my upcoming exames next week. This weekend I will go on a trip (smart planning, NOT) which will be fun. I will try to make lot's of photo's to show you. With that being said, I haven't even showed you my purchase from Paris. I wanted this bag for over four years now, but never made the step to purchase it. Since then the price has gone up which is insain. Everyone that I know who is also into fashion or works at luxury stores always told me that the Celine mini luggage is a really heavy bag. And that I should go for the Micro instead. I always listen, but never really heard them, if you know what I mean.
That was until I bought the bag myself. And wow. It is really a heavy bag. I only had put my Ipad air, a book and a wallet in the bag and it was way to heavy to carry around. So I think that I will be returning this one after my exame and go for the Micro instead, when I go back to Paris. The reason why I want to buy this bag in Paris and not in Amsterdam, is because 1, the salespersons from Celine Paris are beyond amazing! I have never met such an awesome staff and 2. because I love Paris and that way it feels like I brought a piece of that magical city home. If you're curious how much the Celine Mini Luggage retails, it now cost € 2400,-. 

Enjoy your weekend babes!

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