23 April 2017

How is everybody doing!? I'm full on working on my thesis, but I am going to enjoy the holiday. I've been shopping yesterday and I can't wait to show you what I've got and tonight I'm going to the cinema. I still have a lot to show you from my Paris and Rotterdam trips (OMG still haven't finished those), but lately I've been in a blogging dip. I feel like I'm missing inspiration. I don't know what caused it.


14 April 2017

Hey loves,

How's your evening going so far. Just wanted to check in. My instagram is full with bloggers having a great time at Coachella, which makes me really want to experience it meself. But I have to be responsible and finish my Master. But I do need to enjoy my life. So hopefully tommorrow's weather will be better than today and I will first go to the gym and later in the day see a movie! Can't wait for that. I'm like the biggest cinemalover in the world.


And the weekend has arrived! After the good news of yesterday I slept like a baby. It felt like all of the stress flooded out of me. I woke up with pain in my shoulders, but I guess that's because of all the stress I was under due to Uni. But now I can finally start with my thesis. Because I invested so much time in Uni, I haven't been to the gym in a couple of months now. I therefore planned my fitness routine to get back in shape (healthwise). Would you like to see a routine? Let me know.

Speak to you later,

- WZ-


13 April 2017

Hi loves,

Today couldn't be any better! My proposal for my thesis got approved so I started immediately #notimetolose. To celebrate and treat myself I got some makeup from Chanel and did a little bit of online shopping. As you all know, makeup is a huge thing in my life. Besides fashion, makeup is my way of expressing myself. In order to create a good look you need to have the right tools. A while ago Mikasa Beauty reached out to me and let me know about their existence and what they stand for. 

Just by looking at the products I felt that they where good. So I decided to go ahead and purchase some brushes. Once they arrive I will do a first impression review and tell you what I think of them.  

Enjoy your night!

- WZ - 

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11 April 2017

Hi loves,

I said that I would go back to full on blogging on this wednesday, but I really missed it and I feel less stressed. I'm almost done with my thesis proposition and I do have to get back to finish my presentation for tommorrow, but a little break is harmless right?


10 April 2017

Hey hey,

Sorry for the absence, but I have been under so much stress lately which triggered my migraine. I had migraine attacks for almost two weeks now. It was awful. I'm doing better now (TG!). I'm trying my best to ease my mind and do my best at Uni. But that's hard when it feels like everything you want to do is being pushed back. I have my final exam on wednesday, so I think it's a good time to get back in posting fashion and beauty related articles. But for now, here's a song that really got me thinking, Katy Perry ft. Skip Marley - Chained to the rythm. A big standing ovation for Katy's team on creating this music video. Every detail is so well thought. 
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