31 August 2017

JoJo just released three new songs on Spotify. When I was a teenager I loved her so much and her music was always on repeat. When I was on my bike to school, in the bus, in my room doing homework, JoJo was always with me hehe. This new song in particular is really dear to my heart. It represents what I want to share with you all on CHIRIQUE. Love yourself, be you. Don't compare yourself with someone else. You are perfect just the way you are and you are so worthy!

Go listen to it and let me know in the comments what you think of it. I wish you all a very good night and I will see you tomorrow!

Love you all,



Hello my beautiful souls,

I can't believe that I'm  two weeks back home already. The weather is alright, but it could never compare to that magical warm feeling you get when you travel. My very first time in Carcassonne was two years ago. I loved that little place the minute I laid my eyes on it. It's a typical medieval French town.


26 August 2017

Hello my beautiful souls,

How did you start your week-end? Are you still enjoying your Summer vacation or did you had to start with school/work? I'm still enjoying my vacation, but I do have to go back to University for a quick talk with some of my professors about the new year.


22 August 2017

Let's talk. Summer is almost over and for some, this means going to highschool for the first time or going back to school. For others it could mean, starting with your new job or just going back to work. For me, it means going back to University, finish my Master Criminal law and start with a new one in February at another University (I'm so excited!!).


21 August 2017

How's your day going so far? 

I'm feeling a little bit better now. I think I can workout today. I've set some goals and I'm determined to achieve them. I do find it important to get healthy first, but I think I can do it. If your curious on how it went by the dealer. I'm still in shock about how much money I had to pay for some 'repairs'. So to get my mind of things, I wanted to start with cleaning my closet, but I totally forgot that I have a date to the movies today (with my little brother)!


Remember that I told you that I got sick the minute I arrived in Holland, well it only got worse. My voice is completely gone because I've been coughing the entire time. My throught hurts so much, I even feel sorry for it. I've asked my mom if she could get me some fruits and she came back with this! She brought the tropics to me!

// Weten jullie nog dat ik vertelde dat ik ziek werd op het moment dat ik weer terug was in Nederland. Nou, het is alleen maar erger geworden. Mijn stem is helemaal weg, omdat ik de hele tijd aan het hoesten ben. Mijn keel doet zo veel pijn, dat ik er gewoon medelijden voor hem gekregen. Ik vroeg mijn moeder of ze wat fruit voor me kon halen en ze kwam terug met dit! Ze heeft de tropen naar mij gebracht!


20 August 2017

Hi loves, 

So I've seen that a lot of people find my blog via Chicisimo and I was wondering if you are one of them? That's so cool! I've posted some looks on that platform recently and I love the fact that it has been so well recieved. Here's a look I wore in France not that long ago (I just got back home). Can't believe the weather difference now. I love colour and that day I really was feeling red. I've based my outfit on this scarf that I bought in a big store called ' Le petit Marcel' and I love it.


19 August 2017

Goodmorning loves,

I hope you had a goodnight rest. I'm already back home in the Netherlands. I had the warmest welcome back party from the weather. It's been raining all the time here, it's cold and on top of that, I got sick (woepwoep!, *cough *cough). Thanks for the welcome back gift mr. Rainman. Anyways, As you all know I'm obsessed with palmtrees (and cactusses!! You should see my room). So when I saw this beautiful palmtree, I just had to use it in my pictures. I've always loved velvet and for me, this material is far from over, so don't put it in the back of your closet yet!


18 August 2017

Bonsoir everyone,

As I told you all in a previous post we had planned to go to Seaquarium, but it was way to busy that day. Thank God we didn't went that day, because it wasn't crowded when we went. The name of the place already gives away what we are going to see there, Animals of the sea (but actually also ocean). The fishes that you can see vary from exotic and tropical fishes to clown fishes. It is unbelievable what lives in the oceans. There where even fishes with a panter patern. 

//Bonsoir iedereen,

Zoals ik jullie in een vorige post had verteld hadden we besloten om naar Seaquarium te gaan, maar het was veel te druk die dag. Godzijdank dat we niet waren gegaan, want de dag dat wij gingen was het niet zo druk als toen. De naam van de plaats geeft al weg want we gingen zien, dieren van de zee (maar eigenlijk ook van de oceaan). De vissen die daar zijn variëren van exotische en tropische vissen naar clown vissen. Het is ongelofelijk wat er in de oceaan leeft. Er zijn gewoon dieren met een panterprint. 


I'm still in shock about what happend yesterday. First of all I would like to ask if any of you are okay? are your loved ones okay? My deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims. Words cannot describe how sorry I am for you all. Barcelona is one of my favourite cities in the world. That is mainly because of it's warm kindhearted and genuinly nice people. I would never understand why someone would want to harm innocent people. But I ask you, keep spreading love, keep on loving each other and stay kind to each other. Let's not let their hate affect our hearts. Stay united and be safe everyone!

I will keep on praying for everyone who is fighting for their lifes in the hospitals. Sending you much love. 

I love you all!

- WZ-


16 August 2017

Good afternoon everybody,

Well mission failed today. We were suppose to go to Seaquarium today, but when we arrived there was the longest row ever. So we decided to go tommorow instead and just go to the beach instead. My feet still hurt from going out yesterday, but I'll survive. I still don't know what I was thinking wearing high heels to go clubbing. At our way home we came across this beatiful place so I needed to get some shots with it as my background. While we where shooting I noticed that the place was full with camera's (talking about feeling unsafe much...).



10 August 2017

I always say that whenever I need to take a breath, there is no better place than getting in the sea or
ocean. I’m completely in my element whenever I dive in to a wave. There is something magical about the sound of the sea, the feeling of a wild wave and just being one with the water.


07 August 2017

Bonjour Bonjour!

How did you all woke up? I woke up stressed because I lost my golden ring yesterday. I seriously hate losing things. Cheap or expensive, when I loose something it really pisses me off. Thank God I found it when I woke up. For some reason it was in my camera bag. Anyway, it’s time to head to the beach (again!!!). I’ve been there the entire time since we’ve arrived. Yesterday we strolled down the streets in Palavas les Flots. It’s so beautiful to live here.


03 August 2017

Bonjour from the south of France. If you’ve been following me on Instagram @Chirique than you might have seen that I went all the way to the south of Spain and ended up here in Languedoc. Ending here was not planned. We were supposed to go to Spain but we’ve been scammed!
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