23 May 2018

Good evening Blog,

Let's pretend we're having a sleepover. Put on your pyama, get something to snack and dim the light. Have you done that? Good. Let's begin shall we. 
If you have been following CHIRIQUE since the beginning (2013) or you come here onces in a blue moon, you probably noticed that my blog isn't your typical fashion-beauty blog. I see CHIRIQUE as my little place in this world where I share my travels, my love for food, fashion and beauty, but also to clear my mind and let go of my thoughts. So here I go. Letting go of my thoughts.

I've been not feeling meself for a while now. I know it sounds silly, but ever since I went to a hairdresser from hell(May 2016) that ruined my hair by letting bleach in it for waay to long which resulted in me having very fragile hair. Januari 2017 I went to another hairdresser to fix the cut, because it was all over the place. I asked her for a straight cut and made it clear I didn't wanted layers. Guess what, she gave me uneven layers and thinned it out on one side of my head.  For someone who always had long healthy hair it was a big change that I didn't choose for. I identify with my hair so I felt as if I was lost. 

Besides my hairdrama, 2016 wasn't a good friendship year. A 'good' friend and I went our seperate ways after having a huge argument. Eventhough I feel much better since the 'toxic' is out of my life, it sometimes gets to me out of nowhere. As for health, I have been training a lot, but I still don't see my desired results. I have been really patient but I just don't see a lot of change. It's really demotivating. I will keep going so fingers crossed.

 At the moment, I feel okay. I'm still checking my hairgrowth regularly (which I should stop doing. I never did that before, and it doesn't help anything), and am taking really good care of it. My hair is in a really good condition thanks to my selfmade hairmasks and I trim it myself. It has grown quite a bit and I'm going to be patient with it. I need to stop stressing about it. Another thing I really need to stop stressing about is my Thesis and my second Master. The deadline of my thesis is really soon and I'm not done yet. I have writing block and I don't know what to do to just start. I know what I want in my thesis, it's just, I don't know how to phrase it. I hope it will be better tomorrow, because I'm planning to finish A LOT (hopefully).

So, I guess that's what has been on my mind lately. I have no idea what I just wrote but I do feel 'free'. Liberated so to say. Thank you for time, your patience and your listening ear ( or actually your reading eyes?).

If there is anything you want to share, by all means. Leave it in the comment section below. Maybe we can inspire and motivate eachother :)

I love you and I wish you a good night. 

With love always,

- WZ

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