Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain


25 July 2018

 Hi, my beautiful souls,

Welcome to Spain! We decided last minute to leave for Spain because I wasn't planning to go on holiday at all. I had the worst experience at Uni with my 'thesis professor'. It was so bad that I got really sick. I entire body was sore and I couldn't move it. On top of that, I got the flue, which was probably caused by all the stress that was in my body because of all the hecticness. I really needed to get out of the country and go 'home'. Spain is and has always been my 'breathing out' place and I love that country for that.


23 July 2018

Goodmorning beauties from beautiful Spain!
I have been lacking here on the blog so so badly. As you all know I am a fulltime student (Mastering in Criminal Law and Forensic Criminology and after the Summer also in European and International Tax Law) and something happened in my first Master that stressed me out so much that it literally made me sick. I was sick for two whole months.
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