Oee you clicked so I'm guessing someone's curious about who this 'Chirique' might be. So who am I? Well sit back and let me tell you a little story! It was a cold winter night in The Netherlands when my mom's waters broke. Apparently, it was my time to shine, so on the 5th of January 1993, a little snowflake said hello to the world.

Growing up my mom taught me a couple of things. One of them is that if you want to make it in the world (especially as a Dutch North African/Arabic woman) education is key. Second, Always be true to who you are and don't let anyone ever dampen your light!

So I listened. I did the best that I could do in school. I graduated high school, went to the University of my dreams here in Holland and got my Bachelor's degree in Law. I'm currently studying three Masters: Dutch, European and International Criminal Law, Tax Law and Forensic Criminology. 

As far as the second part I have to say that the best thing my mom has ever done is allowing me as a young girl to express myself the way I wanted to in fashion and makeup. I grew up LOVING those two things and really connected with my soul (if that makes sense) because I felt content. Fashion and makeup aren't about hiding yourself. It's about enhancing your true colors and giving your creative soul a voice. I get my inspiration from the world and from my own background. 

I created CHIRIQUE on the 16th of January 2013 because I wanted to share my journey in life and to connect with fellow creative souls. My interest in photography expanded with CHIRIQUE. To my photography means capturing moments words cannot explain.  

CHIRIQUE is a place where we can share our passion for fashion, beauty, hair, and so forth. Travelling and exploring new places to see and to eat is what life is all about to me and I like to share them with the world. 

CHIRIQUE is a place not only for me but also for you. Aspire to inspire.

PS: My name is not CHIRIQUE. It's the name of my blog :)

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