Oee you clicked so I'm guessing someone's curious about who this 'Chirique' might be. So who am I? Well sit back and let me tell you a little story! It was a cold winternight in The Netherlands when my mom's waters broke. Apparently it was my time to shine, so on the 5th of January 1993 I said hello to the world.

Growing up my mom taught me a couple of things. One of them is that if you want to make it in the world (especially as a North African/Arabic woman) education is key. Second, Always be true to who you are and don't let anyone ever dampen your light!

So I listened. I did the best that I could do in school. I graduated highschool, went to the University of my dreams here in Holland and got my Bachelor's degree in Law. I'm currently studying two Masters: Dutch, European and International Criminal Law and Forensic Criminology. 

As far as the second part I have to say that the best thing my mom has ever done is allowing me as a young girl to express myself the way I wanted to in fashion and makeup. I grew up LOVING those two things and really connected with my soul (if that makes sense) because I felt content. Fashion and makeup aren't about hiding yourself. It's about enhancing your true colours. When it comes to inspiration I get inspired by many things. People, the colours of our planet and my North African/Arabic roots are some examples.

I created CHIRIQUE on the 16th of January 2013 because I wanted to share my journey in life and because I wanted to connect with fellow creative people. CHIRIQUE is a pleace where we can share our passion for fashion, beauty, hair, and so forth. On CHIRIQUE I also share cool places  to go and eat whenever I'm travelling. 

CHIRIQUE is a place not only for me, but also for you. Inspire and get inspired.

PS: My name is not CHIRIQUE. It's the name of my blog :)

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